It's Back To The Future For Mizzou Basketball

New Missouri Tigers men's basketball coach Kim Anderson made it clear that everything old was new again as he promises a smart, hard-nosed brand of basketball that never goes out of style,and that Missouri fans are familiar with from the past

Long-time Mizzou basketball fans might have sensed a familiar feeling if they watched former Tiger and new hoops coach Kim Anderson's address to the media and fans when he was introduced as the men's basketball coach.

"It may be 2014 but smart, hard-nosed basketball never goes out of style", said new Missouri head basketball coach Kim Anderson at his introduction press conference. It was plain to see that Kim Anderson will be a coach much like his college coach, former boss and mentor Norm Stewart. Defense and fundamentals will be the key along with an aggressive all out hard-nosed team basketball.

There are times when watching his presser that it was like watching Norm Stewart talking. The coaching apple doesn't fall far from the coaching tree.

What Kim Anderson is going to bring is quality teaching in practice and good game coaching. Ball movement, getting the teammates involved and shot selection will be key on offense. Tough, physical play and rebounding on defense.

That shot selection part would not fly with some of the Tigers more recent 'stars' shall we say. If Anderson is anything like his former coach and boss then we will see guys have a seat for taking ill-advised shots. Similarly for not playing defense or showing effort in rebounding. Old school basketball never goes out of style, it just wins.

Anderson mentioned that he is talking with Tiger assistants from the Haith era Tim Fuller, Brian Tibaldi, and Toby Lane. We'll find out if any of those coaches are retained as part of his new staff.

His coaching staff will be important, but let's face it, you are not going to recruit with Kentucky and Kansas. Anderson will recruit smart, talented basketball players who will likely be in the program for the duration and play within the team framework that is set up by him. That will equal winning on a fairly high level, and regular trips and runs in the NCAA tournament. It will also mean competing for the SEC basketball title.

Recruiting in-state will improve, and he has national recruiting experience and ties which will help with landing the type of players he is looking for in other parts of the country. You won't see Anderson overlooking Missouri talent. He probably understands it better then the last three coaches. It's where he comes from.

He will run a clean program, and interest will improve a lot with his hire across the state.

Anderson did address having fans show up for games.

"Will you please come to the games?" Coach Anderson requested. "And if you can't come to the game, for God's sake, give the tickets to somebody who can."

I know that my interest in Mizzou basketball began to wane with the Quin Snyder era turned sour. It never really got back on track until yesterday. I can honestly say that my interest in the program and how Kim Anderson is going to perform. I expect to see quality team basketball being played again on Norm Stewart court.

Outside of Kim Anderson, you'd have to think that Norm Stewart has to be the happiest man in the state about this hiring. I am sure Stormin' Norman is thinking that order has been restored.

It's as if Mizzou basketball has gone back to the future.

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