Missouri Offers Florida Lineman Sweet

The Missouri Tigers extended an offer the other day to a Florida offensive lineman at a school they had previous success at since joining the SEC. Will they have success luring William Sweet to take a hard look at them?

In February, when Missouri signed Spencer Williams, Missouri assistant coaches Josh Henson and Craig Kuligowski celebrated not just the addition of a very promising 2014 DE prospect, but also the fact that they had signed a prospect from perennial large school football power First Coast High School in Jacksonville (FL).    

Recently, Missouri offered a friend and former teammate of Williams when the Tigers extended an offer to 2015 OT prospect William Sweet  6'7"  280  Jacksonville (FL) First Coast, who is currently committed to North Carolina.

Sweet currently holds offers from Auburn, Cincinnati, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Louisville, LSU, Maryland, Miami, Michigan, Nebraska, North Carolina, Purdue, South Carolina, Virginia, Wake Forest, and Washington State, among others, in addition to Missouri.

Sweet took a few minutes to speak with ShowMeMizzou.com about the Missouri offer, and he updated us on the current status of his recruitment.

"It was just a blessing,"   said Sweet, speaking of his Missouri offer.   "You know, it was just a blessing!"

Sweet said that he and Spencer Williams played basketball together.   He also referred to Jacksonville native and Missouri freshman QB Marvin Zanders as "like my big brother".

"Spencer Williams is not only a good football player, but he's a good person,"   said Sweet, speaking of his friends.   "Oh man!    Wait until you see Marvin!    He's just a natural athlete.    You know, everything he does is so natural."

Sweet continued to talk about his Missouri offer.

"Honestly, I'm just blessed to even be considered for a scholarship at a school such as Missouri,"    said Sweet.    "They're a good (football) program.    And, they have a great educational program, also.    You know, it's a good school!"

Sweet said that his primary recruiter from Missouri is Josh Henson.

"Coach Henson is a nice guy,"    said Sweet.    "I like to talk to him." 

Sweet described his commitment to North Carolina as rock solid.   But, regarding a potential Missouri visit, he said that he's thought about hanging out with Spencer Williams while he looks at Missouri.

"I might want to check it out,"    said Sweet, speaking of Missouri.    "It'd be nice to spend some time with Spencer."

I asked Spencer Williams about William Sweet, as well.   

"William Sweet is really good,"    said Spencer Williams.    "He's got offers from everybody.      He's asked me about Missouri a few times………………………………………..   We're really good friends.    He's a great player and an even better person."

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