High praise for Allison

Jack Allison is one of the top quarterback prospects in the 2016 class from the state of Florida.

A quarterback recruit who is really emerging in the next class of 2016 is Jack Allison. This 6-foot-5, 200-pound signal caller from Palmetto, Fla. has an impressive offer list.

"He just camped at Miami and I know they are a team that he's definitely very high on," said Dave Marino, Palmetto's coach. "I have really tried to encourage him to get out this summer and see some schools and get to know some coaches. He needs to build relationships with these guys and it should start this summer. He needs to see what they are like.

"I know he also plans on camping at Missouri and Baylor. He will also try and go to Florida, Florida State, Alabama and Georgia. They have all offered."

It's good that Allison will get out and experience different schools and get to know the coaches better, especially considering he will be very highly regarded among his quarterback peers in the 2016 class. In this case, if he continues his remarkable progression as a signal caller, they will all be after Allison.

"Jack has made tremendous growth and it's been a gradual climb since the moment he stepped foot here," Marino said. "He was our freshman starter on the JV. We brought him up last year [to the varsity] and we thought so highly of him he beat out our incumbent. That should tell you a lot.

"Jack made great strides that spring. This year has been no different."

Allison had a rough go of it to begin his sophomore season last fall. In the first two games he throew five interceptions. Then Allison settled in and led his team to the playoffs.

"He finished with 16 touchdown passes and only one interception after that start," Marino said. "Jack really grew up last season. He was like a baby giraffe. Now, he's moving much better. His eyes are down field and he's making plays. He understands out protection schemes. He's developing that full understanding of the game and our scheme. And he's stopped making that crucial mistake.

"Jack has such an impressive skill set. He has great mechanics and he can really throw the football. I mean this kid can throw that tight spiral and really spin it. Of course he's accurate.

That's high praise for this rising junior quarterback.

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