Scherer Shares His Thoughts On 2014

As he prepared for Missouri’s season opener against South Dakota State, Michael Scherer took a few minutes to visit with

As he prepared for Missouri’s season opener against South Dakota State, Michael Scherer took a few minutes to visit with, and he shared some of his thoughts heading into his first career start.

“I can’t wait,” said Scherer. “It’s exciting! We’re all ready to get started!”

Since he arrived at Missouri a little over two years ago, the sophomore has worked hard to improve himself physically, and at the same time he has learned to play both the middle linebacker position and the strong-side linebacker position.

Scherer will hit the field this Saturday weighing in very lean, at just under 230 pounds. The physical improvements he registered in testing this spring were remarkable, and the result of nearly two years of rigorous dedication in Missouri’s strength and conditioning program. The time he spent working at the strong-side position, where the linebacker is often called upon to match up with smaller, faster players in man-to-man coverage, helped him improve his coverage skills, adding to the metamorphosis he’s undergone in preparing for his role.

Smiling broadly as he spoke of his starting assignment, Scherer said, “It sounds great! It sounds real good! I’m ready for it.”

Ready is the word.

“I worked on my agility over the summer,” explained Scherer. “I wanted to lean down and I wanted to get faster… So, that’s what I did.………………………………….. Every single day, I made it a point to go out and do something to get faster.”

Not only is Scherer a lot quicker and faster than when he first arrived at Missouri, he plays fast because he knows where he’s going. Scherer is an outstanding student-athlete, excelling in the classroom, as well as on the football field. His intelligence is a big part of his ability to play fast.

“You can’t think, you’ve just got to react,” explained Scherer. “So, when you know where you’re supposed to go, you just react, and you can play fast.”

Scherer intends to come up to meet ball carriers.

“As soon as I see it’s a run, I’m flying up,” explained Scherer. “You can’t wait back. It opens more holes if you sit back, and the linemen climb on your feet.”

On Monday, Coach Pinkel called his starting trio of linebackers the most athletic group of linebackers he’s had at Missouri. Scherer not only brings athleticism, but he also plays instinctively, and with a high degree of intelligence. He’s physical. He plays fast. And, he’s ready.

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