4-Star Lineman Visiting Mizzou This Weekend

This weekend (9-19), Missouri will be hosting one of their first official visitors of the season in 2015, as a 4-start line standout will make the trip to Columbia.

This weekend (9-19), Missouri will be hosting one of their first official visitors of the season in 2015 OT prospect William Sweet 6’7” 280 Jacksonville (FL) First Coast.

Missouri had offered Sweet, who is good friends with current Missouri freshmen Spencer Williams and Marvin Zanders, back in the spring, before he made a verbal commitment to North Carolina.

Now, he wants to see for himself what his good friends and Missouri Offensive Coordinator Josh Henson have been telling him about.

Sweet’s offer list includes offers from the likes of from Auburn, Cincinnati, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Louisville, LSU, Maryland, Miami, Michigan, Nebraska, North Carolina, Purdue, South Carolina, Virginia, Wake Forest, and Washington State, among others, in addition to Missouri.

He insisted that he’s still committed to North Carolina, but he wants to see what Missouri has to offer. And, he’s excited to see his good friends, Spencer Williams and Marvin Zanders.

“I want to see Missouri with my own eyes,” explained Sweet.

“They love it there,” said Sweet, speaking of Williams and Zanders. “They’re excited that I’m coming up there. I’m excited to get a chance to see those guys again, and watch them beat Indiana.”

He wants to see Missouri for himself.

“I believe that whatever someone tells you, you’ve got to experience it with your own eyes,” explained Sweet. “You’ve got to check it out for yourself.”

Sweet said that he appreciates the opportunity that Missouri has extended to him.

“I’ve been blessed that Missouri has extended me a scholarship offer,” said Sweet. “So, (Missouri’s) definitely a consideration for me. Of course, I’m going to consider it. They’ve put so much into me, I’m just blessed to have that (opportunity).”

“The thing is, I’ve got to find the school that is the best fit for me,” explained Sweet. “Find the campus that best fits my needs as a student-athlete, just not as a football player. I’m not making my decision off of a school’s football success, because football will end one day. You know, I just want to take advantage of this and see what they can offer me as a student-athlete………………………………………. Eventually, I want to be an athletic director and work with collegiate athletes.”

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