Sasser Hoping To End Mizzou Career On Top

Mizzou WR Bud Sasser wants to win the Citrus Bowl, but also has an individual goal he hopes to reach.

Heading into the Citrus Bowl, Missouri wide-receiver Bud Sasser has enjoyed a tremendously productive season for the Tigers, with a team-leading 70 receptions for 935 yards and 10 TDs. He was rewarded with First-Team All-SEC recognition, and he was also named honorable mention All-American.

His primary goal in Orlando is a Missouri win, which would give the 10-3 Tigers 23 wins over a two-year stretch for the first time in school history. But as he prepared for the bowl game against Minnesota, he spoke with, and he talked about another individual goal he’d like to reach on New Year’s Day.

Sasser is just 65 receiving yards shy of 1,000 for the season, and the senior captain has his sights set on eclipsing that mark in his final game as a Missouri Tiger.

“I know sixty-five will do it,” Sasser acknowledged. “Sixty-five will get me there.”

Sasser is a complete wide receiver who has played every wide receiver position in the Missouri offense. He’s a very good perimeter blocker, and he’s been very good after the catch. He’s fast enough to get behind defenders, and he’s developed into an accomplished route runner who can be counted on to get open. But it’s his ability to consistently catch the football that sets him apart. Since he first arrived on campus, Sasser has shown the ability to catch the ball in traffic, and to come up with the contested catch. And over his time at Mizzou, he’s just gotten better and better.

He’s looking forward to closing out his Missouri career the right way.

“I want to enjoy this last run with my teammates, have fun, win, and win big,” explained Sasser. “I just want to enjoy it all, and take it in one last time. I want our offense to play with passion and pride. We want to put up a lot of points……………………………………… I want to go out with a bang! I want to go out with my best game.”

Sasser acknowledged that the offense hasn’t been consistent throughout the entire season.

“When we go look at it, it’s just not being consistent,” explained Sasser. “We just need to make sure we’re being consistent, catching everything coming our way, and blocking hard on every play. You know, get the job done!”

Sasser said that his success this season is the result of hard work.

“I just worked extremely hard, knowing that I was going to be the leading receiver,” explained Sasser. “Even with Jimmie (Hunt) and Darius (White) being my good friends, I was, “I’m going to outwork you!” Plain and simple. All winter. All summer. That was my goal. I’m going to be the number one guy.”

Sasser said that he received some motivation from the pre-season doubters, who he said were not respecting him.

“I definitely felt disrespected,” explained Sasser. “I was going to make sure that I made the most of my opportunity.”

Sasser had learned every wide-receiver position from the beginning of his time at Missouri. And, he had been telling the coaches to play him. Earlier this season, Coach Pinkel acknowledged that maybe they should have been playing him more.

So, he credited at least part of his success this season to the increased opportunity to play. Now, he hopes he’ll get an opportunity to continue playing at the next level.

“I sure hope so,” said Sasser, speaking of a potential NFL career. “Maybe somebody will pick me up, and like me a little bit.”

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