Tigers Focused On Passing Game This Spring

Tigers coaches set some goals they worked on with the passing game during spring ball.

This spring, the Missouri coaching staff set some goals for junior QB Maty Mauk. Those goals include improving on his completion percentage, along with improving his proficiency in the passing game, including improving in reading his progressions.

While everyone agrees that Mauk is doing a better job of reading his progressions, and with his footwork, release points, etc., thus far, we haven’t really seen the improvement in his completion percentage. The defense has dominated this spring, and the Tigers are auditioning several young wide receivers.

ShowMeMizzou.com spoke with Offensive Coordinator Josh Henson, and Quarterbacks Coach Andy Hill to get their thoughts on how the quarterback is progressing, and the development this spring of the Missouri passing game.

“I think that from Maty’s standpoint, it’s just consistency in what he does,” said Coach Henson. “I know there’s all different kinds of little things that go into it, from footwork, to release point, and all the different technical things that Coach Hill coaches Maty on every day. He’s been working on those things really hard. You know, sometimes when you create a habit, and maybe it’s not the habit that you want, it takes a little while to break that. He’s really doing a much better job with, you know, maybe things you wouldn’t notice from the stands, his footwork, and his delivery points. And I think more than anything, he’s really comfortable with his reads. And so it’s allowed him to focus more on some of the little things that I think will make him more consistent.”

“The big thing is increasing (Mauk’s) completion percentage,” explained Coach Hill. “So that’s what we’re working on.”

The conversation shifted to the development of Missouri’s young receivers, and their integration into the passing game.

“The receivers are doing a good job, the young guys are,” explained Coach Hill. “They haven’t played much. But there’s a lot of talent there. So we’ve got to utilize it, and the quarterback’s got to get it to the right guy.”

Coach Henson said that part of Spring Football is “figuring out” what you have in terms of personnel, and how the coaching staff can best utilize what they have.

“I think that’s all part of Spring Football,” explained Coach Henson. “We have some young wide-receivers out here, so I think we’re figuring out where they’re at.”

Coach Henson went on to explain that they’re finding out what they have, and what they can do.

“But I think you have to start somewhere,” explained Coach Henson. “You have to believe in something, and you have to start somewhere. And then, you go from there. So we’ll start with what we’ve been. The kids know that. And this spring, we’re getting a good look at where we’re at. Through the spring, we’re adjusting. We’ll do some different things, and some more things, offensively. That’s the constant evaluation. What is your personnel? Who are your playmakers? And, what do they do well? So okay. Let’s do those things. So, there’s been a big focus early this spring to see really just where we’re at with the receiver position.

Coach Henson also talked about how they go about evaluating what they can be good at.

“One of the things I believe in is we always want to make it simple,” explained Coach Henson. “You don’t want to be too complicated. So, we’re always trying to simplify things. You know, how can we make this play easier? How can we adjust this route to get this guy a lot more open? We’re always evaluating, always doing those things.”

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