Pompey Coleman Discusses Decision

Indianapolis Class of 2017 offensive lineman Pompey Coleman became the latest commitment for the Missouri football program over the weekend. Hear his thoughts on the program inside...

Indiana Class of 2017 offensive lineman Pompey Coleman made a verbal commitment to the Missouri Tigers on Saturday morning. We caught up with Coleman to get his thoughts on the Tigers.

Black & Gold Illustrated: Why Mizzou? Why commit now? 

Coleman: “I felt like Mizzou was the perfect fit for me. I loved the coaches and I loved the campus. I felt like they’re a team that, even though they technically had a bad year, I feel like they can bounce back easily and be a dominant team again. I just feel relieved now that the process is over.”

B&G: How many offers were you up to? 

Coleman: “I had 19.”  

B&G: Who else did you consider when you made your decision? 

Coleman: “I would say other than Mizzou probably Virginia, Wake Forest and Illinois. Those were probably the others I considered.”

B&G: How do the coaches see you fitting in at Missouri? 

Coleman: “They said they see me as a tackle.”

B&G: What was the highlight of your visit to campus, besides making your commitment? 

Coleman: “It was just so great being around the coaches all day. I felt like it was easy to develop a relationship with them.”

B&G: How was Glen Elarbee, the offensive line coach? 

Coleman: “He was cool. I felt like it would great to be coached by him.”

B&G: What’s next for you? 

Coleman: “Right now I’m in track season. I don’t think I’ll be going to any other camps.”

Coleman added that he plans to talk with the Missouri coaching staff against soon and ask how he can help them with recruiting other prospects to join him in Columbia. 


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