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Frankie Hughes Discusses Decision

Frankie Hughes committed to Missouri on Sunday. We caught up with the Class of 2017 shooting guard to get his thoughts on the Tigers.

Garfield Heights (Ohio) High School senior shooting guard Frankie Hughes opted to join his high school teammate Willie Jackson and commit to the Missouri Tigers on Sunday.

Hughes became the fourth Class of 2017 commitment for Missouri coach Kim Anderson, following Jackson, Mitchell Smith and Reed Nikko. We caught up with Hughes to discuss why he chose the Tigers, who else he considered and his thoughts about continuing to play with his high school teammate, Jackson.

Black & Gold Illustrated: What made Missouri the right school for you?

Hughes: "Coaches staff and I have a great relationship, and the players too."

Black & Gold: How do the coaches see you fitting in next season?

Hughes: "Making a big impact."

Black & Gold: As a shooting guard, point guard or combo?

Hughes: "Shooting."

Black & Gold: Was C.J. Jackson there on an official at the same time? Are you guys similar? 

Hughes: "Yes. He's more of a point guard."

Black & Gold: What other schools did you consider after getting your release from Louisville?

Hughes: "Wisconsin, Minnesota and Providence."

Black & Gold: How much of an impact did Willie going to Mizzou make on your decision?

Hughes: "Big impact. He's like my brother." 

Black & Gold: Did you get to play with the players on your visit? What do you and Willie bring that maybe the team doesn't already have?

Hughes: "Yes. I'm not sure. We will see when we get there."

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