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Scout's Take on New Missouri Commit Logan Christopherson

The newest member of the Missouri's 2017 recruiting class is Illinois tight end Logan Christopherson.

What is the Missouri football program getting in new tight end commitment Logan Christopherson? We asked Midwest football recruiting manager Allen Trieu that question and more on Thursday.

“They are getting, first of all, a kid with a massive frame,”  He’s legitimately everything that they list him at, which isn’t always the case with heights and weights at the high school level. He’s filled out a lot too. He showed up at The Opening regional in Chicago and I went, wow. I expected him to be big; I didn’t expect him to be that big. I think in the past where I’ve said, yeah, he can do a little bit of everything — he catches the ball pretty well, he can block. Based on his size I think he’s going to be more of your classic on-the-ball tight end. That’s becoming increasing harder to find. A lot of times tight ends are converted wide receivers, they are guys you want to move around the formation and a lot of them don’t really want to block. Logan is different. I think Logan is going to be more of your traditional tight end. He definitely doesn’t have a problem putting his face on somebody and being physical and I think that kind of makes him stand out from the pack this year as far as Midwest tight ends because we just don’t have kids with that size and that all-around ability.”


Missouri signed two tight ends in February in Albert Okwuegbunam and Brendan Scales. Okwuegbunam is a 6-foot-5, 225-pound converted wide receiver and Scales is a 6-4, 235-pounder who can also line up as a fullback if needed.

How does Christopherson compare to those players?

“(Okwuegbunam) is a super athlete,” Trieu said. “I don’t think Logan is in his category as far as being able to run routes and catch the ball. He’s kind of what I’m talking about — he’s more of your new-age tight end and Logan is more of your traditional tight end. That doesn’t mean there’s not room for both. I think you kind of want a couple of guys with different skill sets. Then you have Brendan who I think can be kind of an H-back — you can motion him into the backfield and do some different things there. So I think you have a lot of versatility between the three.”

Trieu also offered another alternative for what Christopherson might become at the next level.

“I don’t know how much he would want to hear it but to me I think Logan, it’s not even out of the question that he becomes one of those guys you pack a bunch of weight on and he even plays some offensive tackle,” Trieu said. “I’ve seen guys with his frame before turn into NFL left tackles. I can’t tell you that that won’t be a possibility. It’s happened with a couple of guys in Illinois. Bryan Bulaga was a high school tight end that Iowa signed and turned into a first-round pick at left tackle. Logan, you just don’t find kids with that frame very often. I think he gives you the possibility to do a lot of things with him and I think that’s a good thing. Albert is, to me, a receiving tight end. Logan gives you a couple of possibilities.”

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