Practice report: Wednesday, August 13

Dedrick Harrington was flying around on defense hitting everything in sight on Wednesday. This bodes well for Mizzou's defense and is very bad news for the Tigers' upcoming opponents.

The Tigers were happy to see two players back in full action for Wednesday's two-a-day. Tight end Victor Sesay and running back David Richard both returned from minor injuries to take part in all of the drills.

Sesay and Richard, both newcomers, were wearing red jerseys in camp, indicating they couldn't be hit or take part in most contact drills. Sesay suffered a bruised bone in his left knee on Saturday after taking a hard hit from Terence Curry. Richard recovered from a minor ankle injury.

Both looked like they hadn't skipped a beat. Sesay looks like the best receiver the Tigers have had at tight end in a while. He spreads the field better than the other tight ends, and he is a big target at 6-foot-6.

Richard made several good runs on Wednesday. He broke to the sideline once for a 20-yard run and then had a 10-yard touchdown run through the middle. Then again, the defenders are strongly discouraged from hitting low to avoid injuries to the offense.

Redshirt freshman Dedrick Harrington had the hits of the day, with one of Zack Abron and one of Tyrone Roberson.

Roberson continues to improve, which is a statement of how hard he has worked since he finished with the baseball team last spring. Roberson said he came back to football because he felt there was a hole in him somewhere, but on Wednesday, he was finding several holes and going for big gains.

The play of the day goes to Sonny Riccio. Riccio, who is still throwing too many inaccurate passes, found Arnold Britt for a 50-yard completion in the afternoon practice.

Marcus James and Darius Outlaw had the best day of the receivers. James made a good diving catch over the middle, and then had another catch on the sideline. Outlaw has been running screen passes for big gains all week, but especially on Wednesday.

As for an update on the battle for kicker, Alex Petterson again made all of his kicks in the team's field goal drills, while Mike Matheny missed from 32, 39 and 42 yards. He made kicks from 30 and 38 yards.

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