Missouri Football Coach Barry Odom Addresses Mack Rhoades' Departure

Missouri coach Barry Odom discussed Mack Rhoades' departure at SEC Media Days.

The news that athletics director Mack Rhoades was leaving the University of Missouri for the same position at Baylor broke right around the same time that football coach Barry Odom and his players were meeting the media at SEC Media Days in Alabama.

Odom told reporters he met with Rhoades on Tuesday night and the two discussed the situation. 

“He’s got an opportunity that he thought was best for him,” Odom told reporters, “and I know that I’m very, very excited about the University of Missouri. I'm excited about what I’ve got in place from my staff from a football program standpoint.


“I absolutely know that we’ll get a great director of athletics in there and the things that we’ve done in the last eight months are going to set us up for the next 20 years. And University of Missouri’s been around since 1839, and it’s going to be around a log, long time. I’m really, really excited about the direction our football program is going and really look forward to getting 2016 started here in 52 days.”

Odom was asked some follow-up questions about Rhoades later, including what Missouri should be looking for in a new athletics director.

“But the direction and leadership of Missouri, I look forward to representing Mizzou,” Odom said. “I look forward to representing and leading our football program and our athletic department, and we're going to go find a great one. I look forward to being involved with that and helping if they want my help. 

“Mizzou is a special place and has been a really great place for a long time. And the future for our program and our university is really bright. You know, we need someone in that role that is looking forward to having a great vision on taking us to a new level of success.”

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