Florida OL Connor Robbins Talks Recruiting, Future Visits

Florida offensive lineman Connor Robbins has had a busy few months.

Connor Robbins has seen several schools over the past few months, but the next stage of the recruiting process for him will be to see even more. 

Robbins, a 6-foot-8, 328-pound offensive lineman at Pedro Menendez High School in Saint Augustine, Fla., hit the camp circuit and got to see several schools or, in the case of satellite camps, some new coaching staffs.

Robbins had a stretch where he went to a Michigan satellite camp in Jacksonville — “It was really small,” he said. “There were like 30 people there. It was weird. It was a small camp. We didn’t even do one-on-ones because there were four linemen.” — and then headed to Georgia, Auburn Tigers, a Florida camp in Jacksonville, Miami and then Alabama

Already with 21 offers in hand, Robbins is looking to visit more schools before the start of his senior season of high school football.

“During the summer I’ll probably just go to UF, I’ll probably go to USF,” Robbins said. “Maybe Memphis. I might go to Appalachian State. My mom likes Appalachian State a lot.”

Robbins may visit Missouri on July 23. 

He definitely wants to take an official visit to Missouri at some point.

“Definitely Missouri,” he said. “I’m thinking Missouri a lot. I just need to get there and visit one time. Maybe Memphis.”

Robbins will likely use his official visits to narrow down his choices. 

He admittedly prefers schools in the South but is intrigued by some of the Northern schools that have offered him, like Syracuse and Pittsburgh.  

“I like them,” Robbins said of Syracuse. “But they are in New York. I’ve never even been farther north than Southern Virginia. I’ve never seen snow in my life. I don’t know how that would work out.”

What other schools is he interested in? 

“Most Southern schools,” Robbins said. “I like Pitt. Maybe Syracuse. I’m not going to say they are out because I’ve never been up there. They came to my school and I liked them there. UCF, because that’s where I grew up. I like the school and like the coaches. Georgia Southern, they are a good program and I like them too. … I prefer Southern schools in general.”


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