FBI involved in Clemons case

Things continue to spiral downward for former Missouri player, Ricky Clemons. The Associated Press reported today that the FBI has obtained 28 hours of recorded phone conversations involving Ricky Clemons from the Boone County Jail. The bureau has also received Clemons' mail.

Former Missouri point guard, Ricky Clemons is serving a 60-day jail sentence after pleading to misdemeanor counts of third-degree domestic assault and false imprisonment. He is scheduled to be released August 24.

Because of issues involving Clemons, the NCAA is investigating Missouri for potential violations after Jessica Bunge, the victim in the assault case and Clemons' former girlfriend, told the Boone County prosecutor that Clemons received apparel and cash from Missouri officials. Bunge also claims Clemons received help from tutors that is not allowed by NCAA bylaws, including answers to exams.

Bunge's accusations related to the University have come under attack from several sources due to multiple inconsistencies in her accounts.

It is unclear why the FBI would be involved iwth Ricky Clemons at this point, and the FBI won't comment on why it made the requests. This report is the first evidence of FBI interest in the Clemons case.

Missouri Athletic Director Mike Alden said the FBI has had no contact with his office. Alden said he is cooperating with the NCAA investigation.

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