Clemons released from jail

Ricky Clemons was released from Boone County Jail today after finishing a 60-day sentence. As he left with only two plastic bags carrying his belongings, he declined to answer any questions, just as he did while in jail.

It's a chapter in Missouri basketball history that everybody concerned is hoping will be finished very, very soon.

Troubled former point guard, Ricky Clemons was released from Boone County Jail today after serving his two month sentence. Clemons was sentenced in June after pleading guilty to third-degree domestic assault and false imprisonment.

After staying at the Reality House, a minimum-security rehabilitation center, Clemons was forced to go to jail after violating his educational-release program. Clemons, who said he was going to a study group, went to a 4th of July party at UM system president Elson Floyd's house.

At Floyd's house, Clemons injured himself in an ATV accident. The time he spent at University Hospital did not count for his jail time.

After Clemons left the hospital, Missouri revoked his scholarship.

The NCAA is informally investigating allegations that were made by former acquaintance Jessica Bunge that MU staff members gave Clemons apparel, cash and illegal academic assistance.

Clemons was met by several members of the local media outside the County Jail. (AP: Patterson)

Several of Bunge's claims have come under attack recently by sources close to the program based on inconsistencies between her statements and other unsubstantiated innuendos made by the former Missouri student.

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