Q & A with Russ Bell

Russ Bell talks about some younger teammates, his view on trash talking and the upcoming Illinois matchup

The intense look of Russ Bell

Q: What's it like trying to stop Marcus Woods?

A: We call him "Little Barry Sanders." That guy is fast. I remember one time I had my guard, and I had him up. And here Marcus comes, and he's running right at me, I don't know what he's doing. He went right underneath me. He was gone like 3 yards before I realized it. I was like ‘How did he do that?' I didn't realize there was a hole right there underneath my legs. Seriously. He's unbelievable.

Q: How's Brian Smith doing?

A: When I first saw Brian Smith, I said, ‘He better be fast,' and he was. He works the corner awesome, and he gets back there. He's headstrong. He's got the attitude. On the field, you have to be cocky, and he's got it.

Q: How much talk is there on the field?

A: It's football, I mean. In mouthiness, I'm towards the bottom. If there's something wrong, I'll let them know and pump them up for the next play. But I remember last year, the first game, I went out there and after the play, everyone was just talking trash to everyone on Illinois. I mean, it was unbelievable. No one told me about that. I picked some of it up from Keith Wright, and I hope to get more mouthy, let's put it that way.

A: What do you expect from Illinois?

Q: We surprised them last year, but there's no surprises this year. We had a first-time starting quarterback last year, and that won't be a surprise anymore. We made some fumbles, took them in for a touchdown. They have something to prove, and we have everything to lose.

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