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Mizzou Hoops Coach Kim Anderson Talks Tigers on SEC Teleconference

Missouri basketball coach Kim Anderson talked about his team and more during the SEC Teleconference on Thursday morning.

Missouri basketball coach Kim Anderson addressed a number of topics when he spoke with reporters on Thursday morning as part of the Southeastern Conference’s teleconference.

Here is what Anderson said in advance of Saturday’s SEC game against No. 23 South Carolina

Opening statement…

“Getting ready to play a very, very good South Carolina team and a team that I think the most impressive thing about South Carolina is just the way they play and how hard they play and how they sustain it. For me personally they are one of my favorite teams to watch in the SEC but they are not one of my favorite teams to coach against. I think when you look at their roster and their players they are a team that even though (Sindarius) Thornwell leads them I think they’ve got good depth. They’ve shot the ball pretty well. I know they shot the ball well against Auburn the other night. I expect a very physical game against a team that’s obviously playing very well right now.” 

On Arkansas' rebounding ability…

“I think in that game I thought they played, I think I said this after the game, I thought they played at another level as far as their intensity level and I think that carried over into all phases of the game, in particular rebounding. They’ve got good size and obviously they’re a team that can go to the boards on the offensive end. In our game I thought they did a great job.”

On Arkansas’ guards ability to rebound, with guys like Manuale Watkins, Daryl Macon and Jaylen Barford… 

“You mentioned Watkins and Barford and those guys, they are so physically developed. Watching Watkins just develop over the three years he’s been down there and he’s a very, very strong guard. We recruited Barford and that was one of the things that really impressed us about him was not only his overall basketball ability but his strength and how he can get the ball to the hole, he can be a good rebounder and those were all things that, when we recruited him, we liked also.”

On combating negativity that might come with losing games…

“I don’t pay much attention to the outside. I really don’t. And I’ve tried to encourage my guys to do the same thing. We all know in today’s society with social media that’s a difficult task for some. For some of our guys I don’t think they’re that involved with it. That’s the way we’ve done it. These guys have been unbelievably resilient. I know we haven’t won games but we’ve competed in every game. We played probably one of the best halves we’ve played last night against Mississippi State. At this point they’ve been good. They’ve been positive. They’ve come to practice. They work hard. Obviously we need to see some success and hopefully that will occur sometime in the next few games.”

On maintaining the competitive edge being something that just happens or something that a coach can bring about in difficult circumstances… 

“Psychology is a big part of this game and certainly how we approach it with our players is important and I’ve really tried to have a balance between pushing them and backing off a little bit on them. They know they’re not doing well, so I don’t think I need to tell them that. We’ve continued to teach. We’ve continued to work with our guys individually. We’ve continued to show them video to try to help them improve. We’ve made improvements, we’ve gotten better, we just haven’t been able to put together a 40-minute game and let them see that success. The toughest thing I think for young kids who’ve struggled, and we’ve struggled, is learning how to win and not playing not to lose. And at times I think I’ve seen that. I’ve seen we got a lead, now we can’t lose this lead instead of we’ve got a lead and let’s see if we can tack some more points on and get a bigger lead. I think that’s been a big challenge for us.”


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