Five questions with Brad Smith

Brad Smith led a dramatic fourth quarter touchdown drive to clench the victory against Illinois. He talked with this week about that game, the lack of vertical passing and how the Tigers won't overlook Ball St.

1) Does it say something you got outgained by a good team and still won?

SMITH: I think that it says something about our team, the fight we have. It was great to come back and get the points at the end of the game.

2) Were there some plays called for downfield on Saturday?

SMITH: It got to the point where some of the things weren't there. We tried, but we didn't get it downfield. There were some things that we were looking for. I just try to execute what was given to me.

3) Could you possibly overlook Ball St.?

SMITH: Every game is important. I mean, people who underestimates opponents and don't prepare for them lose all the time. That's something we won't do. We're not overconfident like that.

4) Is it hard to convince other teammates like freshman of that?

SMITH: If there are teammates that think that, that's why they have captains, that's why they're here to learn. That's why all of the other teammates have to help them learn that in every game is important.

5) Do you think the losses to Bowling Green the last two years ruined your seasons?

SMITH: They're losses, and what we could have done had we won that game was big. If we don't lose last year, we go 6-6. We could have gone to a bowl. We shouldn't have trouble against Ball State, and I don't think we will. Every game counts.

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