Quotable: Mizzou Coaches on Offensive Signees

Taking a look at what Missouri coaches said about the offensive prospects among their 25 signees...

We’re continuing to wrap up Signing Day 2017 with a look at some of what Missouri's coaches said about the Tigers’ 25 signees.

You can watch video interviews with Missouri’s 10 coaches — including director of recruiting A.J. Ofodile — from Signing Day HERE. But here’s some of what Barry Odom and his offensive coaches said about the Tigers’ signees projected to play on offense.

QUOTABLE: Mizzou coaches on defensive signees

Odom on quarterback Taylor Powell

“You look at all the qualities that he possesses. That’s exactly what I want in a quarterback. He’s a winner. He’s a great competitor. When we had him on his visit, I’d sit in and listen to he and Coach (Josh) Heupel and Heup talked about it a little bit earlier today, his football I.Q., and the way he puts those guys through some of the training, and the things he already knows as an incoming freshman, I’m even more excited about him. … He attacks every day with a little bit of a chip on his shoulder for a number of reasons and I like what he’s bringing when he steps into the locker room here.”

Offensive coordinator Josh Heupel on Powell…

“Smart. Competitive. Highly driven. Focused. Plays with a chip on his shoulder. Prepares in a great way every single day. Comes from a championship pedigree. He’s won two state championships. Played his best football in the biggest games. Awards don’t mean everything but he’s a guy that inside the state of Arkansas has won every player of the year award that there is. He was here on his official visit; he’s as good in the meeting room as any young guy that I’ve been around. And that’s just understanding, basis of knowledge, and his attention to detail as well. He’s gonna bring a level of competitiveness that I think will help push our group to the next level.”

Running backs coach Cornell Ford on running backs Isaiah Miller and Larry Rountree

“Both of them are just playmakers. They bring great ability. I call them second-level players. They have that ability to get to that second level and then take it the distance. Larry’s more of a power guy; great, physical, downhill-style runner. Isaiah has the ability to break tackles and then his speed is a game-changer. So we’re excited about both of them. I think they are going to bring a lot of playmaker skill to an already pretty talented (running backs) room I think. I think they’ll both be in the mix next year so I’m excited about both of them.”

Ford on upgrading the Tigers’ running back group in the 2016 and 2017 classes… 

“We’ve got some skill in the room, as I call it some sauce. I’m excited to see these guys compete and get out on the field and go make plays. With Ish Witter there as well, he had a pretty good year as well. It’s a nice room. And these two kids are going to come in and push the envelop and push some guys at some positions. It’s going to be a lot of fun coaching them this spring.”

Wide receivers coach Andy Hill on wide receiver Da'Ron Davis

“We saw him in our football camps, our team camps, a couple years ago and knew at that time he was a playmaker that nobody could even put their hands on. We’d throw the football to him and he’d just run around through the whole defense and score a touchdown almost every time. … A very talented athlete. … Has great size, great speed. We know, because he played running back a couple years in high school, he’s a guy that can run with the football  in his hands once he catches it and we know he can catch it because we saw it in person. So it was a good combination. Really Da’Ron is a special talent that we’re looking forward to getting involved on the outside for us.”

Hill on wide receiver O'shae Clark 

“What a fast young man he is. If you’re going to take a guy who is smaller in stature, you’re looking for a guy who has some muscle tone to him that really is not going to be frail and thin. But he’s a guy that’s well built. He’s got good long arms, long appendages. And obviously with 1,700-plus yards in receiving in 6A Texas, in the the league he plays in and the teams he plays against, that’s pretty special. Obviously he’s got top-end speed, escapability, can stick his foot in the ground and change direction and all those things that make him special not only at receiver but in the return game.”

Heupel on Davis and Clark fitting into the offense… 

“Da’Ron is a guy that was offered here before I even got here in January that Coach (Andy) Hill had personally seen in camp. Highly competitive. Attacks the football. Great long speed. You can see great ball skills from him. So physically there’s a ton of talent there. Got nicked up early in his senior year and had to battle through some injuries, but a guy that’s got a tremendous amount of talent.”

“(Clark) has got great speed. He can absolutely fly down the field or on the track when he’s on the track, too. If you look at him, his production is as good as anybody — 1,800 yards, I think, receiving, 18 touchdowns. He attacks the football. You look at his ability to be a speed sweep guy, get the ball in his hands as a kick returner, punt returner. There’s a lot of ways that he can help impact our program immediately.”

Tight ends coach Joe Jon Finley on tight end Logan Christopherson

“First off, the reason we liked him is because of how he plays the game. He’s very physical, very violent, on the field. That’s how we like our tight ends. The next thing we’re looking for is size. He’s 6-foot-7, 220 pounds right now and he’s been injured all year so he hasn’t been able to work out upper body. So we expect him to be up to 240, 250 pounds by next year and then from there the sky’s the limit.”

Offensive line coach Glen Elarbee on adding size to the offensive line with the Tigers’ five OL signees…

“Coach Odom talked about it. This is a really big, physical league. It’s a big man’s league, especially with the defensive linemen that we see every week. So that part of the primary focus. Especially when we met as a staff last year after Signing Day with what we were trying to target and get and I think we accomplished that with all of the guys. They’re some big human beings.”

Elarbee on center Case Cook and his toughness… 

“He went into his first game and I think it was like the second quarter and hurt his thumb. The guy that coached him was my high school coach as well. He said (the thumb) was just hanging there and he tried to put his hand on the ball and it just wouldn’t stay. (Cook) said, well, I’ll just snap with my left hand. Went over to the sideline, took about 10 snaps with his left hand and then went back in there and finished the game, finished the season snapping left-handed, which is really impressive.”

Elarbee on signing some offensive tackles, Pompey Coleman and Hyrin White, in this class… 

“We’ve had some tough breaks at tackle in terms of trying to keep that depth and to get a couple young guys and even a guy like Ya Ya (Yasir Durant) has the ability to play tackle. That’s big for us. That helps us build the depth. We were really, really thin this year and knock on wood made it through most of the games. That will at least let me sleep a little easier at night.”

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