Five questions with Damien Nash

Damien Nash showed last Sunday what he can do when he gets a chance. He rushed for 68 yards and a touchdown. As Inside Mizzou sat down with Nash, he said Missouri fans have only seen a small part of what he brings to the Tigers.

1) So it turns out you're not going to run for an average of –1 yards a game?

NASH: Yeah. After the Illinois game, I was kind of upset I didn't get the carries. I understand how coach Pinkel wants me to come in slowly. Coming off the knee injury, he's just looking out for the best for me.

2) Have any hits hurt or helped your confidence with the knee?

NASH: No, I don't care about the knee anymore. I mean, there isn't anything wrong with it, so I mean, they can go for it every time. If they try to concentrate on my knee, I'll make them miss or run them over. The knee is not a problem any more.

3) How great did that 42-yard run make you feel?

NASH: It felt good, but I should have got into the end zone. I should have kept going, but I tried to cut and go across the green. He had me at an angle, but I think I could have taken him. That's just a little small piece. I want to show everyone the real deal.

4) How hard do you have to work to get respect here?

NASH: I have to work hard, because I came in and a lot of people expect a lot of things out of me. I just gotta keep going hard, keep focused, doing every full speed every time in practice. Just work hard.

5) Are there times when Brad comes to the sideline, and you're just like, ‘Will you please slide?'

NASH: I told him, I said, "Brad, man, you gotta slide." I mean, he get good runs, but sometimes, he's a quarterback and he's gotta understand they're trying to take him out. And he's a big factor in our offense, so he has to slide, or he just has to be more patient in the pocket.

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