Gary Pinkel quotes from Big 12 Conference Call

Missouri coach Gary Pinkel discussed Nebraska and the lackluster passing game in the Big 12 Coaches Conference Call, his first time talking to the press in a week.

Opening Statement:

"We had a good week. We got back going heavy on Wednesday. We had a little bit of a jump, we worked a little bit for Nebraska in that time…Nebraska's a great team. Theyr'e playing exceptionally well. It's outstanding. They have 19 turnovers on defense, the defense's playing well. Offense, they're playing well, typical of Nebraska."

On changing for Nebraska:

"Particularly on offense, we didn't play very well in our last game. That's an understatement. We believe in our offense and in our system. We're not gonna just change our offense, change our defense because things our going right. We would never do that."

On the 24-game losing streak to Nebraska:

"I don't really pay much attention to that. To be honest with you, I've only been here two years…Other than a motivating factor, it doesn't do anything to help us change that."

On Brad Smith:

"Up until the last game, passing-wise, I though he was doing ok. He struggled in the last game, obviously. We're just not getting the perimeter plays, and were not executing at the level we need to in our passing game, not even close. I think he's made progress, but obviously, we haven't seen that in the numbers, especially in the last game."

Did Kansas do something special to stop him?

"Nope, nope, we just didn't do a good job."

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