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Nebraska's coming to Faurot Field ranked 10th in the country and unbeaten, familiar to many but not expected from this batch of 'Huskers. Frank Solich discussed his team and the matchup with Missouri on Saturday.

Opening statements on the win against Troy State and the game against Missouri:

"There were areas of the game we were pleased with. The defense played exceptionally well. Anytime you shut someone out, that means you did some good things."

"Offensively, the last couple of weeks we haven't been able to control the ball like we did in the first couple games."

"Missouri-Nebraska games have always been physical battles. It will be difficult to go down there and get it done."

Do you feel Nebraska is back?

"We're back if we continue to win and play the season out and have a great year. We've not tried to look at it from ‘Are we back?' or ‘Are we still struggling?'"

"In order to feel like we've turned the corner, you just need to keep winning and have the kind of seasons the very good kinds of Nebraska teams have had."

On his new staff:

"I am comfortable with this staff in terms of how they've fit together. We've had a lot of guys that have really stepped up and done a good job."

On Missouri-Nebraska:

It's always been a matchup where, for whatever reason, both teams end up playing extremely physical for four quarters, and that has always kept the games close. If you look back over the course of it, even the times when there's been the separation, there's been a big play here or there that had made the difference. Missouri, I know, was expecting to have a great year this year, and they've gotten off to that kind of start. It was a little bit of a setback against Kansas, but they've got great pride, and that's what we're expecting down there."

On Brad Smith:

I think anytime you're trying to defend a great quarterback, every season is a new season. As a very young player last year, he just did a great job throughout the course of the season. We were maybe able to control him a little bit better than what some teams did. You're never comfortable when you got a guy that has the ability of Brad Smith, being able to break the big play at any given time. Our schemes are different than what they were last year, so that will mean something in preparation to try to stop him.

"The question is how do you stop a guy that's able to beat you in so many ways? Hopefully, we'll be able to get guys in the right spot and not give him free lanes to run in. We feel we'll be able to get some pressure on him in the passing game."

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