Five questions with J.D. McCoy

J.D. McCoy was having arguably the most surprising season of any Tiger before he sprained his left MCL against Middle Tennessee. After watching the Tigers' loss to Kansas from the sidelines, McCoy says he is back and answered other questions about himself and the team.

1) How is the knee?

McCOY: We just decided to let the MCL heal, and so I left it straight for a week, and we started bending it, I guess, last Monday, and it's coming along very good. I practiced Sunday, and it's going really well.

2) So you got a big game coming up with Nebraska.

McCOY: If you can't get up for this game, you don't need to be playing football. This Nebraska game is huge. Playing at home. It's just going to be electric. It's just a great chance for us to get back on track. To beat Nebraska would be so huge, like a springboard for this program.

3. What about the difference in the way people have looked at this team before and after the loss to Kansas?

McCOY: It's like they sayl, you're never as good as people say you are, and you're never as bad as people say you are. No one here's hanging their head. The best way to get over it is to beat Nebraska.

4. Can we say you're back for this week?

McCOY: Yeah, I'll definitely play.

5. Were you surprised at how well you were playing before you got hurt?

McCOY: I wouldn't call it surprised. I just worked really hard this offseason. I worked really hard to get involved in the passing game. We'd script in perfect plays, we'd call them at the right time and we'd just execute them. I wouldn't call it surprised, but I feel maybe I had a lack of maturity when I was younger, and now I've helped get back. I played as a true freshman, maybe it would have been good for me to redshirt from a maturity standpoint.

Hopefully, I can continue to play well.

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