Inside Mizzou Chat Transcript

Is there any time of the year where there is more to discuss for an avid college football fan? An epic win by the Mizzou football team over Nebraska, college basketball around the corner, and the constant vigil over recruiting. And did somebody say there was another big game this weekend? All will be revealed in this transcript of Friday's chat at Inside Mizzou. Enjoy!

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Brad Burgess: HeyTom

Brad Burgess: What's up GSD?

GSD: Hey folks

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Rocky59: Hi guys1

GSD: So...I'm wearing my flack jacket tomorrow

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Brad Burgess: Rocky!

Rocky59: Hi guys!

tjw015: hey guys

GSD: any recruiting news since last Sat?

Brad Burgess: Have they wiped that grin off your face yet?

Brad Burgess: GSD, we'll find out what Josh has heard soon.

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Brad Burgess: Colo1

Brad Burgess: What's up?

Rocky59: Nope!

Brad Burgess: Me neither

Colotiger: Not mu ch, you going to post the Nebraska players' picture in the chat room?

Brad Burgess: GSD, you will be wild in Norman

Rocky59: I just got through talking to a friend that lives in Norman

Brad Burgess: Colo...nah...this a family chat room. ;)

GSD: Rcky,,you have friends in Norman?

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Brad Burgess: We're getting no love from OU.  They consider Nebraska to be so far beneath them right now.

Brad Burgess: What is up Weir?

Rocky59: He's a retired drug rep that was a compewtitor.

Colotiger: OK, let's get right to the point.  Who's looming on the fb recruiting horizon -- who's likely to commit SOON?

GSD: Media is saying this is a no contest.......Tulsa World procliams OSU as a Top 10 team

Brad Burgess: Josh should be here any minute

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Brad Burgess: What's up Maniac?

Rocky59: I like your style Col.

tjw015: just so you guys know, a reporters' round table should be on the site in a matter of minutes

MizzouManiac: Just dropping by to talk about the tigers and kill some time at work

Colotiger: Rocky -- I'm glad someone does.  Are you going to be in Boulder?

Stlweir: Hi all, sorry I missed the Fiesta, what a great night! 

GSD: OKC media asking why play the game

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JoshClark: Hello Everybody

JoshClark: Hopefully we get some more faces in here

GSD: Josh...who are we getting?

JoshClark: getting meaning what?

JoshClark: the remaining commitments?

Rocky59: No unfortunately.

GSD: recruits

Colotiger: Josh -- Question:  Why no offers for Tyler Campbell, if he's that good?

Stlweir: Anyone know what the Darrell Ray story is?

JoshClark: Tigers are putting their primary focus on Tony Temple - Campbell would be one of the first to be offered if things indicate Temple is headed elsewhere

JoshClark: Campbell is one of the best in Texas - but I actually believe he is in the league of 5 or 7 others and is not easily placed as 2nd best behind Adrian Peterson

Colotiger: Yeah, but why no offers from other schools except SD State?

JoshClark: Parrish Fisher, Kedric Goins, and Samson Taylor are also excellent backs - I really like Taylor

JoshClark: ColoTiger - that is a good question - it perhaps could be due to something we are not aware of

JoshClark: I have not covered Campbell at all but will check into it for you

Brad Burgess: I heard rumors about grades with Campbell

Colotiger: Any Missouri kids close to committing to MU?  And any idea what Nick Patton's reaction was after his informal visit last weekend?

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Brad Burgess: Weir, I haven't heard anybody at Mizzou mention Ray yet.

Brad Burgess: Josh, what about the QBs?

vermont mizzou grad: Hey Everyone??? 

Brad Burgess: Hi VMG

vermont mizzou grad: Has everyone recovered from the fiesta excitement?

Brad Burgess: vmg...nope

Stlweir: How many Jucos are the Tigers after?

Brad Burgess: The big grin is still plastered all over my face.

GSD: MC Pieper has...he's flying down here this afternoon

vermont mizzou grad: mine was plastered all over the tv

Brad Burgess: Pieper is a madman...what a great tailgate host!

GSD: We'll have a keg ready for him

vermont mizzou grad: i'm sorry i couldn't make it but what a great showing on tv

Brad Burgess: was the old days at Faurot.

GSD: So Josh...anything more on QB recruits

vermont mizzou grad: Brad you mentioned emmitt morris was still not psychologically back from the injury

vermont mizzou grad: what injury did he have?

Colotiger: Brad -- I've heard rumors about recruits at Mizzou Madness tonight.  You heard anything?

JoshClark: Missouri is still expecting to sign Chase Patton

Rocky59: Yes, What's with Morris?

JoshClark: they are keeping constant contact with Nick Patton and Darrell Jackson as well

Brad Burgess: Colo... The word is that Tyler skipped KU and will be showing up at Missouri's midnight madness.  Unconfirmed, but I think its true.

JoshClark: Missouri will be looking to recruit JUCO DL and DB's

GSD: what does your gut tell you?

Colotiger: Brad -- I've heard that too.  That has to be good news, especiall since he was just in town last week.

JoshClark: Chase Patton is facing a lot of pressure to stay in Columbia - but Iowa and Tennessee are coming after him hard as well

Brad Burgess: VMG...I don't recall what his injury was, but I've heard that he's still very tentative.

tjw015: Chase will certainly not make a decision until late Decemeber at the earliest

Brad Burgess: Chase enjoyed himself at the Nebraska game, so I'm told.

Colotiger: Brad -- Did you hear anything about Nick Patton's reaction to the game?

tjw015: He and alexander have been friends since elementary school -- it could be a big factor

Brad Burgess: Colo...didn't hear anything about Nick.

Brad Burgess: We heard that Tyler was jumping up and down at the football game.

Brad Burgess: Luke Zeller is also high on the wish list.

GSD: any word on how practices went this week?  what are the players thinking going into OU?

Brad Burgess: Mizzou is planning on four slots for 2005...?  You do the math?

Colotiger: Yeah, but it sounds like Zeller is a long shot

JoshClark: Nick was not in attendance - he'll be officially visiting in two weeks though

Brad Burgess: I would think so too, Colo, but there are no powerhouses in Indiana any more.

tjw015: It's hard to say...practices apparently went well, pretty intense

vermont mizzou grad: Is Luke getting any pressure from his family to go to Mizzou, being an eberhard nephew?

Brad Burgess:

Brad Burgess: I spoke to Luke outside of Hearnes and also to his family.  Nice people!  They just want him to be happy wherever he goes.

Brad Burgess: I'm expecting more running and play action this Saturday!

GSD: that was before you were run off?

Stlweir: What is Zeller's uncle Al doing these days?

Brad Burgess:, he wasn't at the scrimmage.

Brad Burgess: Eberhard still works for the AD's office.

vermont mizzou grad: Any feeling on Luke, Brad?

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vermont mizzou grad: Hey rage

Rage Dave: What's going on

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Brad Burgess: feeling is that he is really good.  I think we have a shot, but it's going to be tough

Brad Burgess: Hi Rage and TG

Colotiger: I'd love to see Nash get more touches, including a halfback option.  I would think with Abron setting up so deep, and with his "speed", that it will be difficult for him to get yards vs. OU

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GSD: O line really needs to come through tomorrow

vermont mizzou grad: Colo... I'd love to see Nash in for a whole series

Brad Burgess: Luke is a rawboned kid who has lots of room to grow...good looking kid who is all of 6-10 and will probably grow some more.

tigergreatness: With OU we still have the hogs up front why not pound them . . . Abron is a battering ram of sorts then play action

vermont mizzou grad: just playing 4 downs in a row to get a feel

Brad Burgess: I'd love to see Nash in for an entire quarter...but not against OU!

Rage Dave: Exactly Brad

GSD: Need to try to use OUs speed against them

Rage Dave: Reverses and misdirections

Brad Burgess: We need to ram the ball down their throats.

tjw015: yeah, i wouldn't expect much nash at all this week

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tigergreatness: yep

vermont mizzou grad: M e too but one play and out is not doing him any favors ino

GSD: can't try to go wide...we don't have the speed

Colotiger: I'd like to see Nash lined up so that he could take a swing pass and run in some open territoy.

Brad Burgess: Look at how Bama ran on can be done.

Brad Burgess: Hi Tyler!

tigergreatness: Thats what i was thinking colo get him in the open field

Rage Dave: If we block like we did against NU, we can do a lot

tjw015: alright guys, i gotta get going, take it easy

tigergreatness: cause you can tell he has moves . . . maybe too many sometimes

GSD: plus Brad needs to take advantage of the zone

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tigergreatness: What kind of defense exactly do they run is it cover 2 or more man

Brad Burgess: Lots of man because of their great athletes, but they also run a zone

Rage Dave: Hey Brad, have you seen Millard play at all?

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Brad Burgess: Hi Rick...

Brad Burgess: I haven't seen Millard, but he is said to be a Mike Dunleavy type of player

MizzouRick: hey guys...what the scoop?

Rage Dave: I have heard very mixed things on him, some think he's great, some don't

Brad Burgess: Not the greatest body in the world, but great court awareness and skills

vermont mizzou grad: my fav defensive play of the Nebraska game was the zone blitz when they dropped the DE's into coverage

Brad Burgess: He's a role kind of guy

Rage Dave: Mine too VMG

tigergreatness: Just get him in the strength program

vermont mizzou grad: and seeing zach ville run like a deer was amazing

tigergreatness: Ville is definitly fast enough for it

Brad Burgess: Jeff Watkinson is a miracle worker

Rage Dave: Too bad we could have had him as a freshman

Stlweir: We need to see some solid punting tomorrow!

Brad Burgess: Ville is a freaking speed demon!

tigergreatness: didn't they say he ran something like 4.57 last spring?

vermont mizzou grad: Sesay & Ville really have deceptive speed

MizzouRick: Did Millard commit?

GSD: Ville and Brian Smith pounding White all night

Rage Dave: He looked like a freakin' safety on that play

Brad Burgess: What we have to do against OU is keep them confused...lots of Sesay would be my prescription

vermont mizzou grad: Sesay is going to be a monster by the end of the season

Brad Burgess: Rick...haven't heard that Millard committed.

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tigergreatness: definitly he's a weapon that we need to use more . . . I love McCoy he's been a fighter but Sesay is a stud

Rage Dave: There is a rumor that MIllard may have, but no one has tracked it down

vermont mizzou grad: Yeah he did rage

Brad Burgess: JoCo!

Colotiger: Is Harvey, a former QB, a decent enough thrower to throw out of punt formation?  Sometimes, even an incomplete pass is better than he's been punting -- at least no return.

vermont mizzou grad: safety/de ;-)

Brad Burgess: He hadn't as of two days ago when I talked to the insiders..

Brad Burgess: Colo...he's on the bench.

JoCoTiger: Hey fellas, my bizzare schedule allowed me to visit today!

Rage Dave: VMG--I thought it was Williams or Harrington there on the pick

Stlweir: Sesay proved that he is a playmaker on that fake FG.

Brad Burgess: Good to have you JoCo!

Rage Dave: Thye just need to hit Sesay in stride

Colotiger: Yeah, I know, but with Gohsler, he may be back in soon enough.

vermont mizzou grad: i thought it was harrington at first too

Brad Burgess: It would be nice to see us hit any receivers in stride this season!

Rage Dave: He had a couple of nice ones last week though

tigergreatness: The only difference between the defense in the nebraska game and the others was emotion . . .hopefully Kinney can light that fire again and sometimes the light just goes on and with his physical talents maybe it all caught up

Colotiger: Why is Roberson still returning kickoffs?

Brad Burgess: Harvey can throw the ball, but he was an option QB in high school

vermont mizzou grad: Seeing Pinkel smile for the first time was pretty cool too

Rage Dave: Do you think Ek will be returning kickoffs soon?

vermont mizzou grad: I've never seen him do that  before

vermont mizzou grad: lol

JoCoTiger: Any guesses on what recruiting targets were most impressed on Sat?

Brad Burgess: No kidding vmg...! ;-)

Colotiger: It sounds like Miller from Kirkwood was impressed.

tigergreatness: lets hope he sounds like a horse

Brad Burgess: JoCo, it was described to me by both sides as, "a complete homerun weekend"

Brad Burgess: Art Miller was very impressed.

vermont mizzou grad: Colo... in my opinion from what i've heard he was the one we swayed the most

Brad Burgess: We need more ILBs badly in the depth

Rage Dave: Where does Van figure?

vermont mizzou grad: I must admit though, it's been surprisingly silent from the recruits that were at the game

vermont mizzou grad: i wonder why that was?

tigergreatness: Brad do you think we'll have any shot at getting the Reedly players to roll on down? or do you think they are strong commits to tech of all schools

tigergreatness: the sooner leach is out of the big 12 the better

Brad Burgess: RD, he'll be an outside safety type.  Van is blazing fast.

JoCoTiger: Kinney and Richard playing next to each other next season would look pretty salty!

Brad Burgess: TG...I think it all depends on Leach.  If he jumps to AZ or elsewhere, all bets are off.

Brad Burgess: kidding!

MizzouRick: Will Richard play d next year

Colotiger: Maybe Tech would hire Larry Smith -- he's available.  Are there enough rubber bands and tennis balls in Lubbock?

Brad Burgess: Richard is just a beast

tigergreatness: lol

Brad Burgess: Rick...I suspect so.

Brad Burgess: Colo...LMAO

vermont mizzou grad: Does anyone know if Crosby is picking it up in practice seeing Ek play ?

Stlweir: Richard still wants to be a RB.

tigergreatness: I still think Crosby isn't in the game mentally since his knee injury

tigergreatness: last spring

Brad Burgess: Weir, it's a good place to start...but he will be best on D

Brad Burgess: Crosby has been passed up by Brad E. and that's not good for him.  Time to suck it up

Colotiger: I suspect if Nash picks it up and Temple would commit, DR might have a change of heart. 

Colotiger: I suspect if Nash picks it up and Temple would commit, DR might have a change of heart. 

tigergreatness: We need that hammer at ILB big and nasty with attitude was getting sick of watching Barnes and Kinney make every tackle five yrds down field like Doyle did

MizzouRick: Why has Nash have trouble running the ball

Brad Burgess: I just don't see Temple coming...I have a bad feeling about that situation.  Anybody else agree, or is it just me?

Rage Dave: I agree Brad

tigergreatness: concur

Brad Burgess: reps, no continuity, no timing.

Colotiger: I would guess it's because (1) he was off nearly two years; (2) coming off knee surgery, and (3) he's overly anxious to do well.

tigergreatness: just seems like he's been playing games with the staff

Rage Dave: Nash hasn't done THAT badly though

JoCoTiger: For some reason he's enchanted by farmers on the prairie.

tigergreatness: and missle silos

Brad Burgess: RD...correct.  He's rushing things.  I hope he doesn't get discouraged, that's the main thing.

Colotiger: I keep hearing TT goes back and forth between K-State and MU.  I wouldn't count MU out, but I sure would be working on Plan B.

Rocky59: It sounds to me like Temple is a little spoiled.  he seems to be getting too much "Trim".(Eddie Murphy)

Brad Burgess: Or the Flint Hills...?

tigergreatness: Oh i think he's got plenty of confidence Brad

Brad Burgess: But I don't want him to get discouraged about his situation at MU.

vermont mizzou grad: Brad what was your feeling about Harrington before he committed?

tigergreatness: He won't he's just biding his time at least that's word from the class he's in with me

Brad Burgess: VMG...50-50

tigergreatness: Will Harrington develop that love to hit? or will he always be tentative?

Stlweir: That article in the KC paper made him out to be a mess mentally.  Lets see how the season plays out and how it affects Touchdown Tony.

GSD: better not be tentative tomorrow

vermont mizzou grad: Is the Temple situation lining up similar to that or is the Kstate Diablo too much to overcome?

Brad Burgess: TG...tell Damien that we're all behind him and to be patient!  He's still the Ferarri that we haven't gotten out of first, yet.

Colotiger: Brad -- Do you think the staff is too rigid in its evaluation "system", sometimes ignoring a "football player"?  Mike Keenan comes to mind.

tigergreatness: Oh with his confidence slash ego i think he'll be good to go

tigergreatness: just a matter of time for him

tigergreatness: and i know the players are pumped about the OK game they look at it as a chance to make amends

Brad Burgess: They tested Keenan carefully.  Great straight line speed...very average in the other testing categories.

tigergreatness: Heard Keenan can't get off blocks?

JoCoTiger: Keenan looked like a man among boys playing rb against Park Hill. But he didn't really do anything huge on D.

Brad Burgess: He's a tailback, and not a LB at the next level.

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Brad Burgess: Is he going to be an exceptional tailback in college...?  Remains to be seen.

Brad Burgess: Hi "Flesh"


mizzouflesh: finallt people

Brad Burgess: Hi Naper

mizzouflesh: whats up

Brad Burgess: came in too early! ;-)

mizzouflesh: it is  the famous brad

NAPERTIGER: Hi everyone!

JoCoTiger: I think Keenan may grow into a Fusker fullback.

Brad Burgess: In the, er...flesh

mizzouflesh: or is it infamous??

mizzouflesh: j/k

Brad Burgess: Probably

Colotiger: In the flesh?  I thought this was a family board..

Brad Burgess: Flesh, what's your story?  Haven't seen your handle to these parts?

tigergreatness: Who do you think we have the best shot at on the instate recruits?

Brad Burgess: Miller, Patterson

mizzouflesh: well I have been on here for a while wanting to chat but I am more of a fan of reading the message board instead of giving imput

GSD: flesh......are you really Siberian?

Brad Burgess: Patton and DJ

MizzouRick: Any body going to midnight madness tonight

Brad Burgess: No way

tigergreatness: Think they are both coming?

Brad Burgess: I think that's very possible.

Stlweir: Darrell Jackson seems to have the Tigers in his heart.

Brad Burgess: Agreed weir

tigergreatness: I can find that out

Brad Burgess: Please do, and share

Rage Dave: My understanding on DJ is that he's a bit of a flake personally

Colotiger: Yeah, but I don't see why he doesn't commit.  If he's waiting on Chase, it may be a long wait.

tigergreatness: I'll get going

tigergreatness: sooner the better

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Rage Dave: Dj may wait some time before committing

Brad Burgess: I still think Chase is at the top of the list

GSD: Geez...did I insult flesh?

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tigergreatness: I've heard chase goes back and forth

Brad Burgess: Hi tigerjp

JoCoTiger: Any feelings on Gallimore? I heard JK say this morning - he thought Mizzou was the only big 12 school with a shot at him.

vermont mizzou grad: Is minnesota the heavy hitter with DJ or is it Illinois that we're competing with?

tigerjp: whats up

Colotiger: But if he's waiting to see what Chase is going to do, then that suggests to me he won't commit if Patton does.

Brad Burgess: Gallimore isn't coming to MU

Rage Dave: VMG... probably Illinois, I think he wants to stay close to home

tigerjp: any exciting info so far

Colotiger: Gallimore is this year's Will Paul, it seems to me.

Brad Burgess: You bet...but no breaking news, per se

Rage Dave: Will Who?  j/k

Brad Burgess: Colo...good comparison

Stlweir: I'll be the one to bring it up, Brad and Co. what are you hearing on the University-NCAA investigation?

tigergreatness: At least Gallimore is giving us the time of day

vermont mizzou grad: Perfect comparison Colo

vermont mizzou grad: I get that same feeling

JoCoTiger: Saturday didn't change Gallimores mind, huh.

tigergreatness: We didn't seem to get more then token mentions from Paul

tigerjp: I hear Gallimore may hinge on Chase coming to MU

Brad Burgess: Weir, should be done by December...nobody is expecting any surprises.

Colotiger: He didn't come.  He and his dad watched on TV -- didn't come because of the rain, they said.

Rage Dave: Gallimore may surprise us

NAPERTIGER: Where are we with Chase PAtton and J.Humphries?

tigergreatness: eh if he won't come because of a little rain? TO a game that huge. . .

Brad Burgess: Gallimore thinks of himself as a Big 10 guy...that could change, but I haven't heard any indications that he's thinking otherwise.

Brad Burgess: Sitting well with Chase

JoCoTiger: An Olineman afraid of rain? Oyyy.

Brad Burgess: Jerrill is a total moving target.

Brad Burgess: There are too many people involved with his recruitment

tigerjp: Jackson wants to pull the trigger I think, Brad...can he play anywhere else

Brad Burgess: Sure he could...he's a very good athlete.  However, I think he'd stay at QB at Mizzou

Rocky59: Can you really take a guy like Humphreyout of a losing program with poor coaching and turn him into a player?

vermont mizzou grad: Does anyone know Pinkel's approach with DJ & Chase?

Brad Burgess: Humphrey is a project, but too great an athlete not to take and place.

tigerjp: I know there trying to get 2 qb's this class

vermont mizzou grad: Is he just saying competition will determine things?

Brad Burgess: VMG...I don't.

vermont mizzou grad: if they were  to both come?

Brad Burgess: VMG...yes

tigergreatness: How do we look with out of state recruits?

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tigergreatness: Is Breed going to get a Legitimate shot at QB?

Brad Burgess: As for the question about Harrington, I don't think he's afraid of hitting.  He's been aggressive this season.

tigerjp: brad...what does the rotation look like for bball this year, will gardner get minutes

Colotiger: If that's where he wants to play, I think GP will give him a shot there first.

Brad Burgess: first.  Then he'll follow Overstreet... ;-)

tigergreatness: watch for Kevin Young to aggresively foul any and all kU folk

vermont mizzou grad: Harrington seems reluctant to take a leadership roll on the field it seems to me

Brad Burgess: Gardner will get minutes.  He has really surprised folks with his ability so far.

Brad Burgess: Harrington is still a puppy.  He's doing an amazing job considering he's just a RSF.

vermont mizzou grad: like he doesn't really know where his roll is, leadership wise

Brad Burgess: Pulley is the key player when considering starters and rotation.

Colotiger: I would guess a RS freshman might have difficulty assuming a leadership roll.

tigergreatness: I'm still hoping that the light just turned on for Kinney and that the fire will remain in his belly so to speak

(MizzouRick left)

Brad Burgess: If he's ready to be THE GUY at point, then you have JM, RP, LK and AJ

tigerjp: lk before tb?????

Colotiger: Where in the hell is Derrick Ming?  I thought he'd be more of a factor at this point.

Brad Burgess: If he's not, then it's JM, RP, LK, TB and AJ

Brad Burgess: Ming has been a disappointment.

tigergreatness: Could it be a matter of reps for ming?

JoCoTiger: Heck Pulley is the key to just about everything this season.

Rocky59: It's time for Nino to take over too!

tigergreatness: or just didnt step up with Barnes move into his "slot"

vermont mizzou grad: absolutely point being it might explain some of the hesitancy(sp)

Brad Burgess: TG...anything is possible, but the linebackers need to come harder than they have been.

tigergreatness: NO kidding

Colotiger: Pinkel says you can't afford to make recruiting mistakes, but his JUCO recruiting so far has been mixed, at best, wouldn't you say?

tigerjp: what does everyone realistically think the score may be sat.

tigergreatness: if Morris were 100% would he have a shot . . . from all reports he's got the hitting and the animal mentality for LB

vermont mizzou grad: Kinney awoke in a big way...I hope that attitude and surliness continues

Brad Burgess: Kinney's hit on Lord was the first legit LB hit I've seen all season!

Stlweir: Ming looks smaller than advertised which was short to begin with.

Brad Burgess: They need to come at White like mad dogs tomorrow

tigergreatness: Time for the physical skills to translate

Colotiger: I would think the first 10 minutes will be critical tomorrow.  Field position will be critical. 

tigergreatness: Ming is about 5'9.5

Rage Dave: Zone blitzes could be a key if they confuse White with coverage while pressuring him

Brad Burgess: We need to get off to a positive start to get the fans out of the game.

tigerjp: bb....any truth to MU pushing for 6;00 game vs tech

Brad Burgess: We need to drill White repeatedly

GSD: and the receivers

Colotiger: How about returning the opening KO for a TD?

tigerjp: I think we need LONG sustained drives

Rocky59: No!  Moeller addressed that on TB today.

Brad Burgess: JP...I heard that it will be a 6 pm start vs. Tech...but I can't remember where I heard that.

GSD: we need to make OU beat us runnign the ball

Brad Burgess: What time did he say, Rocky?

tigergreatness: all you have to do is ask the Budweiser guy what time the game will be

NAPERTIGER: Brad anything new on the football recruiting front?

(mizzouflesh joined)

Brad Burgess: Naper, no commits this week.

Rocky59: They didn't know for sure but thought maybe 2:30, I believe.

(MUMAN01 joined)

mizzouflesh: i am back sorry the boss was being a vulture

Brad Burgess: However, it was a homerun weekend by all accounts.

tigerjp: so in otherwords, we wont know until suday

tigergreatness: Are we just recruiting just a higher level of athlete then before that maybe a big game while effective isn't going to flush out a commit

Brad Burgess: Hi MuMan

JoCoTiger: 2:30 would be the ABC game.

Brad Burgess: TG...that and we were making up for the KU debacle.

MUMAN01: Hey BB You musta enjoyed that flight home

Brad Burgess: MM...that was a brutal flight out of KCI at 7 am on Sunday.  Horrible.  However, I made it.

MUMAN01: Still can't get the smile off my face from sat

Brad Burgess: Me neither.

Brad Burgess: That was just epic!

vermont mizzou grad: I've watched game tape 20 times

Brad Burgess: MM, any word from Hearnes?

Brad Burgess: VMG...never gets old does it?

tigergreatness: anyone else get home from the game and watch the replay on tbs?

vermont mizzou grad: Just beyond huge

MUMAN01: I was so down afeter the KU game and so Pumped after the NU game

Rage Dave: I wish I could have made it to the game this year...

vermont mizzou grad: It's the life of a Mizzou alum/fan

Brad Burgess: TG...I did and I fell asleep watching it on the floor1

vermont mizzou grad: eh?

Colotiger: I watched on TV and the VCR was right there and I forgot to tape it.  I had planned to tape over the KU game, for obvious reasons.

MUMAN01: So down in fact I lost the ability to spell after

vermont mizzou grad: lol

vermont mizzou grad: me two

Brad Burgess: Dave, you were missed.  It was unbelievable.  Perfect game, perfect fiesta.  Huskers fans crying all the way back home

MUMAN01: I heard Vahe was going to run another hatchet job before he left but the suits sqashed it

Rage Dave: I'm just glad I got to see it on TV... in more ways than one I should note

JoCoTiger: I'm still pissed that we handed a game to KU. I need a hoops sweep to get some leverage!

Brad Burgess: I ripped the Post in my Letter from the Editor in the November issue of Inside Mizzou.

NAPERTIGER: Later guys got to go back to work.

Brad Burgess: Dave...well said.

MUMAN01: Anyone willing to send me a tape

GSD: Guys..time to get Kona ready for Norman and the beer ready for Pieper....see 'ya on the board Sunday.

Brad Burgess: JoCo...I think Nebraska was only made possible by KU.


tigergreatness: how do you get the Insider Mizzou? cause one of my roommates who never does this or any other sites just has it sent to his house without knowing where it came from

Brad Burgess: bye gsd

(GSD left)

Rage Dave: I agree Brad, we lose to NU if we beat KU

tigergreatness: 70s all over again

Brad Burgess: TG, you can order it on the front page of this site if you like

Colotiger: Yeah, I was wondering too.  I got the first issue with Brad on the cover, but none since.

MUMAN01: I'd rather have the win over Neb

Brad Burgess: Or you can buy it at the bookstore or Missouri Shirt Co.

vermont mizzou grad: MU...I have a tape but nothing to dub it too

MUMAN01: I didn't tape because that's usually the jinx

Brad Burgess: The TSF donors get it automatically I think

vermont mizzou grad: if you can record my tape and send it back i'll send it your way

MUMAN01: same problem VMG

Brad Burgess: Did you see that there is a highlight tape on sale at

vermont mizzou grad: time to get dvd and I could burn it for you

Brad Burgess: "Mike...this is another important third down..."

MUMAN01: Yes and I'll get that, but I'd like the entire broadcast too

Brad Burgess: A dvd burner would shred

Brad Burgess: I would as well!

Rage Dave: got one right here at school...

MUMAN01: Nothing beat seeing those bugeaters leave with their tails between their legs

Rage Dave: I haven't figured out how to get a video feed in though

Colotiger: Well, I guess I'd better get some work done too.  See you later, guys.

Brad Burgess: So much for the Nebraska fan MYTH...!

MUMAN01: Classiest fans my ass! 

Rocky59: The problem with night games is a long saturday afternoon.  Tomorrow---Maybe just maybe.......

Brad Burgess: Rocky...the players are very confident right now

Brad Burgess: I think OU is in for a tough game.

tigergreatness: No kidding one of my buddy's was jumped by a group of 6 with a golf club . . . that got broken on his leg

MUMAN01: Believing you can win is half the battle.  Now they believe

Rage Dave: I have mixed feelings on this game--otoh I don't think there is a better team right now than OU

(Colotiger left)

Rage Dave: OTOH, I  like what I saw last week

mizzouflesh: HEY EVERYONE

Brad Burgess: They are essentially the same team as last year...they just need to go get after them.

Rage Dave: They have a much better offense this year

mizzouflesh: what is everyone picking for the score tomorrow

JoCoTiger: They need to light their hair on fire and make it last 4 quarters.

tigergreatness: As long as they have the intensity it will be a good game

Brad Burgess: Flesh...what's your prediction?

MUMAN01: We still need better athletes with experience on D

Brad Burgess: Yes, we do...however, on any given Saturday!

Rage Dave: two years MU and we dominate on defense imo

Brad Burgess: We weren't nearly as good on D last year and almost got them.

mizzouflesh: I PREDICT 41-38

tigergreatness: Yep never been more parity in College ball just look at Northern Illinois

MUMAN01: I know and I believe I would just feel better with bigger stronger defenders

mizzouflesh: You all wanna hear something F===UP

MUMAN01: yes

tigergreatness: fire

mizzouflesh: I passed out during the missouri game and I was in columbia also

tigergreatness: Thats ok the person i go to games with she got so wasted she passed out and had a ticket to the game and never showed

MUMAN01: BB much different playing on the road

JoCoTiger: Steve Pederson loves you flesh.

mizzouflesh: who is steve?

JoCoTiger: Nebraska AD

MUMAN01: Those NU people live in dreamland

Brad Burgess: Flesh... what were you saying?

mizzouflesh: I was going to the game but I started drinking at 10

mizzouflesh: read up

Brad Burgess: MM...true enough, but it's all mental.  It's still blocking and tackling.  OSU finds a way around it in Norman.

MUMAN01: Flesh it's a marathon not a sprint You must learn to pace yourself

Brad Burgess: Flesh... dude, you have to pace yourself! ;-)

JoCoTiger: No kidding, we need some tips from Les Miles.

MUMAN01: BB agreed I think we can compete

tigergreatness: look how mentally screwed texas was

Brad Burgess: Best match up of the weekend... Ricker vs. Tommie Harris.  Tasty!

MUMAN01: Does UT send Mack packing?

Brad Burgess: Texas is a girls team.

(terence joined)

JoCoTiger: We need a big rush from the front 7 and the db's to play the game of their life.

Brad Burgess: They should!

vermont mizzou grad: Mack Brown has no clue how to instill toughness in a team

mizzouflesh: I plan on starting drinking next friday at about 7

tigergreatness: yep time for the country to recognize Ricker for what he is the best Center in all of football

Brad Burgess: Hi terence

(Mizzouman joined)

(Mizzouman joined)

mizzouflesh: I can't wait till the TT game

Brad Burgess: Ricker is the best center in college football.

tigergreatness: That will be an interesting match up

Rage Dave: Mizzouman!

Brad Burgess: Mizzouman

terence: Hello Brad and all

Brad Burgess: What's up?

vermont mizzou grad: I have to run guys

tigergreatness: i'd like to see the rest of the oline verus the "vaunted" dline

vermont mizzou grad: Have fun...

MUMAN01: TT scares me.  Spreading the field is usually pretty effective against us

vermont mizzou grad: I like these afternoon chats

Stlweir: My confidence is not high but it wasn't for the Neb game.  I am intersted to see how our team speed matches up with Okl.  I thought we were as fast or faster than Neb.

mizzouflesh: Yea plus our d-backs suck

vermont mizzou grad: i can't make any in the evening

Brad Burgess: Our offensive line can compete with anybody as long as the play calling keeps OU honest.

tigergreatness: But its sick cause who'd have though 12 yrd slants could be that deadly

tigergreatness: i dont think the dbacks suck just a matter of allowing them to play man as opposed to a 10 yrd cushion

Brad Burgess: I don't think our dbs suck

Brad Burgess: They have to play close and be more physical

Rage Dave: Why has Washington struggled so much?

MUMAN01: BB why don't they make more plays?  Is it a teaching thing

Brad Burgess: For the same reason that Kincaid hasn't.

mizzouflesh: we let lord have 140 yards receiving and he is the worst qb  in the b12 as far as passing goes

(vermont mizzou grad left)

tigergreatness: he looked damn AA with some of his throws others were like he couldn't hit hte broad side of a barn

Brad Burgess: Lord made some decent passes in the first half.  Even blind squirrels find acorns occassionally.

Rage Dave: We also were set up to defense the run not the pass

JoCoTiger: BB are you saying Washington has the physical talent but Kincaid has more toughness and knowlege?

tigergreatness: The most alarming throw was the one which was right between three defenders right before th half

JoCoTiger: Thanks fellas, I need to feel older.

JoCoTiger: JP

tigergreatness: LOL that wasn't the intent

JPROCK1: Hello everyone

tigergreatness: joco

JPROCK1: Hey Joco

Rage Dave: jp!

JPROCK1: What did I miss?

Rage Dave: everything

JoCoTiger: It's cool TG, can't use those emoticons here.

(MUMAN01 left)

JPROCK1: You guys already talk about Hansbroughs verbal to Quin?


tigergreatness: lol quit playing games

Rage Dave: not funny

tigergreatness: im 22 and don't need a heart attack

JPROCK1: My apologies

mizzouflesh: man I have been to every home game for the past 5 years

mizzouflesh: and never left early so trust me i have the faith

JPROCK1: So somebody update me on what I missed

Rage Dave: but I do think we are in great shape with tyler

tigergreatness: UNC and FLA fans just seem convinced there's no way he wouldnt

tigergreatness: want to play for their sleazy coaches

Rage Dave: unc fans are the most arrogant pr!cks I have seen on these boards

JPROCK1: I would say so...Tigers are in pretty good shape with their 05 and 06 targets

tigergreatness: and it's a shame he has to miss the drama show being put on by self this weekend

tigergreatness: how are we with the seattle kids i hear one is leaning AZ

JoCoTiger: JP, consensus is Art Miller and Patterson were impressed with Sat. victory. And Gallimore is probably Big 10 bound. You agree?

JPROCK1: Webster? Yeah, but there are 3-4 other northwest area kids who really like Mizzou

tigergreatness: good to hear

Rage Dave: JP, what do you know of Marcus Walker's game?

JPROCK1: Yep, I`d say Art Miller is leaning Mizzou after this past weekend and Patterson will be a Tiger if he makes it outta Columbus unimpressed

(OfallonTiger joined)

tigergreatness: I've heard that he definitly wants to do out of state deal . . . and still might not be high major prospect

JPROCK1: Marcus Walker`s game is speed and scoring...but not a bad passer...

OfallonTiger: Hi all!

JPROCK1: He`s a good outside shooter but he`d be a scoring PG in college

JPROCK1: Hi O`Fallon

(Stlweir left)

Rage Dave: Have you seen Millard play?

JPROCK1: Marcus Walker has interest in Mizzou

(Rocky59 left)

OfallonTiger: Anyone hitting the Mizzou Madness tonight?

Rage Dave: JP, even with Horton there a year ahead of him?

tigergreatness: of course

JPROCK1: Not in person....he`d be a nice pick-up though....combo forward with 3 skills...his stock is gonna go through the roof by next summer

tigergreatness: Dave Telep said he was going to be top 50

JPROCK1: Yep,  Walker is a combo guard....He`s much more of a scorer then I could see them playing together

mizzouflesh: Want isn't this chap room up all the time?????????????

JPROCK1: Yep, top 50 easy

JPROCK1: Tigers got in early

tigergreatness: THink he'll commit

JPROCK1: I think you`d see either Rush or Walker...but not both

OfallonTiger: #1 target has to be Tyler don't you think JP?

JoCoTiger: You gotta love having jr's on unofficial visits in the fall. Just like Horton.

JPROCK1: There`s a chance Millard could be the Tigers first commit....but it`s early still

JPROCK1: Without a doubt,Ofallon!!!

tigergreatness: good to hear

JPROCK1: Millard would play the 3 ..Rush will be a 2 in college ...Tyler a 4

tigergreatness:  What do you see about Rush?

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