MizzouRah's Predictions for the weekend

MizzouRah returns to lend his paranormal predictive powers to his latest round of pigskin predictions.

Hey, a better week last week although the MU loss was quite disappointing. (I was at the game). I think it is best to be realistic about a team that is still growing and maturing though. I look for an 8-4 finish and a trip to Shreveport or Houston. KSU is beatable but this team has only beaten Ball State on the road and Illinois (who has quit on their coach, that team had a fair amount of talent) in the Dome. On to this week's games.

Last week, 7-2 Straight up, season 82-32 6-3 against the spread, season 50-54 LOCKS 1-0, season 10-5

Texas A&M (+14) at MIZZOU - (1130 FSN) - Did you know that the week after MU lost to OU 77-0 they whipped KU? Or that the week after losing to Nebraska 62-0 in 1972 they beat unbeaten Notre Dame in Lincoln? These are the type of stats that Gary Pinkel should make sure MU players are aware of. I am quite sure Texas A&M quit at OU, (as a matter of fact I have some super inside (third hand) information that confirms that although you shouldn't need any inside information to figure that out) that could mean they quit in Columbia as they have been poor on the road. However, I think A&M actually has a fair amount of talent and they COULD still make a bowl. I wouldn't touch this game with anyone's money but since I am somewhat scared of the possibilities I will pick against MU for the first time this year. I don't like these 1130 starts at home and I hope the deer hunting crowd doesn't hurt the crowd too bad.

Pick A&M who loses 30-21

KSU (-1) at Nebraska (230 ABC) - Watched a replay of the KU/NU game yesterday (DISH network is great!) and am having a tough time on this one. KSU hasn't beaten a team with a winning record and hasn't won in Lincoln since around the Kennedy administration BUT it appears that KSU is playing their best at the right time and getting some guys healthy or at least off suspensions. I think KSU's rush D has come a long ways since the Marshall game. We will find out on Saturday. I had Nebraska a couple weeks ago but they just aren't looking that impressive right now.

PICK KSU they win 24-14

Texas Tech (+15.5) at Texas - Talk about playing well, let's give Texas a little credit. They looked great at OSU last week. Against a normal team I would hate a 15 point line but against Tech it's kind of like a 7 point line.

Pick TEXAS 56-31

Colorado (-8) at ISU - Folks ISU has quit for the year, that and they weren't that good to start with. CU played inspired ball on Saturday and while outgained badly by MU created the turnovers to win. This one gets ugly. It may take the first half to get CU ready but it will be lopsided.


KU (+20) at OSU - KU keeps fighting hard. OSU was probably somewhat overrated, that noncon schedule was such a joke. KU MAY get Whittemore back and while Barman played pretty well that would really make this look good.

Pick KU they lose 35-24

Baylor (+54) at OU - Stoops tires of hearing about running it up. Pick Baylor they lose 52-3

Other games, New Mexico State (+27) covers at Arkansas, the Hogs usually play one of these sorry teams late in the year and usually don't cover.

Notre Dame (-7.5) kills a BAD BYU team to feel better about themselves.

Tulane (+18) covers at a good Southern Miss team who hasn't blown many people out and Tulane can score.

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