Latest Predictions For Your Pigskin Weekend!

Predictions on this weekend's college games, as well as speculation on what bowl Missouri might end up playing in.

After spending couple of days this week in Lincoln, Nebraska, and weeding through all of the Solich discussions, I happened upon some interesting data on Big XII bowl pecking order. It is as follows:







Fort Worth


This is why Mizzou has been pretty well locked into the Independence.

We know the Independence Bowl really wants MU and apparently they get the first shot over Houston (which is good, who wants to play South Carolina or Houston?).

This scenario would take place if the Tigers don't win tomorrow OR the rumored Alamo Pick of MU doesn't occur. It's all up in the air still but I didn't know which "lower" bowl picked first.

The Swami had another good week last week, look out; we may FINALLY get over .500!

ATS 6-3 on the year 56-57.

Straight UP 9-0!, 91-32 on the year

LOCKS 1-0, on the year 11-5. I am sorry that the games this week are tough and I have no LOCKS this week so it's pretty much a crapshoot.


Here is my analogy for the week. MU football has been in a big game of Monopoly for years and they have been stuck in jail, out of money and unable to roll a double. This year, however, things are looking up... we are rolling around the board and we have landed on the "Chance" Card in the middle of the red properties. You know the ones, Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois.

I suspect that the Tigers aren't up to winning a game like this on the road. They are certainly capable of it and many (not all) KSU fans who have opinions on this game that I have read around the Internet appear to have slightly or wildly overenthusiastic interpretations of where KSU is on the college football landscape right now. However,I think this spread is about right and KSU played a great game last week. They have also beaten teams MU was unable to defeat although I think MU is better than CU and KU.

The game will depend as most games have for the Tigers on Zack Abron's ability to keep the defense honest for some deeper throws than we have been accustomed to seeing from the Tigers. Gary Pinkel understands the types of things we have to do to win the game. Look at the use of misdirection and trick plays against Nebraska. MU will have to stretch the field somewhat to be successful. One thing that could lead to a Tiger win is the outstanding job James and Mitchell have done on punt/kick returns. The Tigers were destroyed by special teams and field position against KSU last year.

Back to my analogy. I think the "Chance" card will be a nice one like we won $100 or something. To me that is the hoped for 8-4 finish with a win over ISU next week. A loss to ISU and 7-5 would be back to jail although we now have a "get out of jail free card" and this season hasn't been the poor one we have seen in recent years. A win over KSU would be "Advance to St. Charles Place" which is what we need to build hotels and start whipping all those other sorry competitors in the game. We pass GO, buy the property and have some money left over. And folks if we beat OU then everyone just landed on our hotel!

I am getting ahead of things though, what I am trying to say is this has been a very nice year. I don't think we will take two steps this year but I am pretty happy with one. Tough spread to pick but I will go with the home team. I haven't talked about it much but Sproles appears to expose the MU weakness on the edge.

Pick KSU 31-14

OU (-19.5) AT Texas Tech - Tech looked good last week at Texas and almost pulled it off. OU sees this type of spread the field offense and is equipped to shut it down. No letdown for the Sooners this week.

Pick OU 56-31

ISU (+10.5) AT KU - ISU is just poor, KU's defense hasn't been stellar lately but they haven't been playing ISU. KU qualifies for a bowl after several losses in a row, if they lose this one you have to look at a nice start of a season that turned into a disaster. I don't think that is an overstatement. This is almost a LOCK but KU is unsettled at QB and there is some pressure on the team to close out well.

Pick KU 34-13

OSU (-26.5) at Baylor - Nice start to the year but same ol' Baylor.

PICK OSU 48-10

Other games, I HAD Southern Miss but didn't get to the computer in time, oh well.

I changed my mind, here is the LOCK OF THE WEEK

MICHIGAN STATE 34 (-5) Penn State 17. PSU beats Indiana and they get respect from the bettors? Come on.

Other Big Ten games:

OSU (+7) covers but loses to Michigan. OSU is always in close games.

I like Northwestern (-4) at Illinois, Turner should be fired, he did a horrible job with a decent team. The Illinois program is in the dumpster right now...they are awful!

I will bet against the Hometown Hogs (and probable MU opponent) at -27 vs. MSU. Nearly the entire linebacking corps is hurt or has been booted from the team for DWI's.

Finally I love Clemson (+1.5) at South Carolina to win outright.

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