Clemons: assistants gave me money

Ricky Clemons returned to the news late Tuesday night, when the Columbia Daily Tribune reported on Clemons' recorded conversations from Boone County Jail. In the tapes, Clemons clearly says he received money from Missouri assistants Tony Harvey and Lane Odom.

In recorded conversations from Boone County Jail, former Missouri guard Ricky Clemons said assistant coaches Tony Harvey and Lane Odom gave him money, the Columbia Daily Tribune reported late Tuesday night.

In a conversation with Amy Stewart, the wife of Associate Athletic Director Ed Stewart, Clemons said the monetary assistance was not limited to him.

"When I first got here, they did, they did everybody. I mean, they do A.J. (center Arthur Johnson) and (forward) Rickey (Paudling. If they need money, they'd go to Harvey. He, he'd get it for 'em."

"They what?" Stewart asks.

"If they needed money, they'd go to Harvey," Clemons responds. "He'd get it for 'em. But it was him first, and I stopped messing with him. I stopped talking to him and shit and then went to Lane."

Questions of monetary assistance arose from the deposition of Clemons' ex-girlfriend Jessica Bunge. In the tapes, the Tribune reports, Clemons said Bunge did in fact know about the money and that she deposited the checks.

"She always took it to the bank," Clemons says.

"She took it to the bank?"

"Yeah," Clemons said, "because when I would get it from him and give it to her, and she would take it to the bank. So, she, she knew everything. I never tried to hide nothing."

The Tribune said Clemons said in the tapes that he received more than former Georgia player Tony Cole, who said he received hundreds of dollars from Bulldog boosters and coaches.

"Just know it's bigger than Tony Cole," Clemons tells Stewart. "He got a couple hundred dollars. He paid for his apartment or that. Shit. That's nothing. That's a raincheck."

The NCAA is in the midst of an investigation of Missouri, and UM system president Elson Floyd said the investigators found no illegal academic help, but they were still looking into the other allegations.

Floyd's wife, Carmento, was also one of Clemons' confidants in jail, the Tribune said. He made seven direct calls to her. Other times, he'd call Amy Stewart and have her put Carmento Floyd on three-way calling.

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