Some Perspective...Please?

An important part of being an educated, enlightened adult is being able to discern the dynamics of a difficult situation, and to then decide what are the appropriate actions to take? In this column, we will provide our perspectives on the latest unfortunate chapter of the Ricky Clemons fiasco.

Missouri fans, now is not the time to randomly lash out at everything that moves.

If anything, now is the time for the Missouri faithful to show that they are educated individuals who can discern what is really going on here, and who are the individuals to be blamed.

First of all, consider the context of what Ricky Clemons said, and where he was when he said it? Also, who was he talking to and what were their motivations? We don't know the whole story and probably never will, but it is crystal clear that bringing down Alden and Quin was at the top of the offending parties' lists.

Second, did anything "new" get reported concerning the basketball program that hadn't already been alleged six months ago? Remember that the NCAA and the FBI have already read these transcripts and the NCAA is now listening to the tapes to see if the transcript matches the tapes.

Third, what is your tolerance for the behavior of these spouses, and how should that affect their husbands and their career at OUR school? Remember, Floyd and Stewart are employees at OUR school and as such are reponsible for representing OUR school properly at all exceptions. That certainly extends to members of their families as well.

Fourth, whomever coined the phrase, "the pen is mightier than the sword" really knew what they were talking about. The pen, or the mouth in this case, can cause unspeakable damage to institutional, personal and professional reputations. Apparently, there doesn't need to be a single shred of evidence for some people to believe whatever they hear or what they read. We continue to be extremely disappointed with certain members of the media and press.

Fifth, it is always difficult to disprove a lie.

Sixth, yes...the staff knew that Clemons was a troubled kid who had had some scrapes in his life. I can name quite a few other players who have come through Missouri in the past who were far from alter boys earlier in their lives. Most of these kids went on to become normal productive members of the student body without any incidents. It sure is easy to say, in hindsight, that Quin should have known better and shouldn't have brought Clemons to our beloved Mizzou. I admit to feeling the same way right now, but none of us are perfect and nobody could have EVER predicted that any of this would have happened. I'm sure that the lessons Snyder learned through this affair will have a profound affect on his future recruiting targets.

Seventh, put yourself in the shoes of some of these folks. How would you like being Lane Odom right about now? Lane Odom is the closest thing to a boy scout that I know in the coaching profession. I respect Lane and I will personally vouch for him as a man of high character.

How about Rickey Paulding and Arthur Johnson? How would all of this make you feel? What would you wish that Missouri fans would do or say right about now? Paulding and Johnson are honorable young men who have never done a thing to deserve this kind of slander or abuse. NOTHING. And yet they are forced to deny a comment made by a guy from jail? Think about it for a minute folks.

Eighth, absent hard facts and evidence, who deserves the benefit of the doubt in this case and who doesn't?

Ninth, when did monitoring the actions of some out-of-control spouses become part of "institutional control"? It's not Mizzou's responsibility to monitor Mrs. Floyd and Mrs. Stewart. They are adults and they should be held accountable for their shameful actions and comments.

Finally, all of this has gone too far for some change not to occur. You can only scratch a scab so many times before it bleeds out of control. The wives of President Floyd and Ed Stewart have dishonored themselves, their husbands, and OUR university by their actions. I suggest that this situation will not be resolved until they and their husbands remove themselves from the University of Missouri. I can see no other possible alternative at this point.

As for any responsibility for wrong doing on the part of Quin Snyder's staff, the NCAA is wrapping up their investigation of this program right now and we will soon know what they discovered.

The accusations by Jessica Bunge of academic improprieties have been found to be meritless by the NCAA. Those comments were lies. What other lies have been told in this case and published or broadcast by the media?

Isn't it time that all Missouri fans wait for some hard evidence to come to light before trusting more published reports based on comments from questionable sources?

Aren't we as a group smarter and more enlightened than that?

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