Tigers Shock Jayhawks in Lawrence 38-34

The groans were audible across the country. Missouri fans writhing in pain after Kirk Farmer threw his second interception resulting in KU touchdowns. "Here we go again...!" However, a Missouri collapse wasn't in the cards on Saturday. Farmer and his Missouri teammates regained their composure and outplayed the Jayhawks on both sides of the ball to win a pivotal game in Lawrence.

Kirk Farmer threw three touchdowns and accounted for 328 yards of total offense to lead Missouri past a stunned Memorial Stadium crowd in Lawrence on Saturday.

Missouri had plenty of opportunities to fold up their tents and lose to Kansas for a third straight year.

However, Justin Gage stepped up with a masterful 11-catch afternoon for 148 yards and one touchdown, as well as his pass receiving counterpart, Duane Blakely, who also chipped in with a touchdown of his own.

Zack Abron finished the game with another 100 yard game on the ground, and helped Missouri control the ball at pivotal points of the second half.

Perhaps the prettiest play of the game came on Farmer's 25-yard touchdown pass to Marcus James pictured below:

The defense also played well on the day with only a few minor breakdowns. Sean Doyle, Jamonte Robinson and Keith Wright all recorded five or more tackles on the afternoon.

The victory, which included more than 800 yards of combined total offense, put Missouri ahead 51-50-10 in the 110-year series.

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