An interview with Zack Abron

The last two weeks Tigers running back Zack Abron has had two 100-yards rushing games and has scored three touchdowns. columnists Mike Morgan caught up with with Zack following the Kansas game on Monday. It's always special to beat KU?

Zack Abron: "It's a special thing, this is our first time doing it anyway. It was a special feeling Coach Pinkel getting the win over KU. It's been so long since we beat KU. Every time we go up there they give us so much trouble. I remember when we went up there my freshman year they just gave us all so much trouble. It was a bad feeling leaving that stadium." When you were being recruited, was it an easy choice picking Mizzou?

Zack Abron: "It was a pretty easy choice. It was when Coach Smith was here and they were running a lot of the offense that I was running in high school. I figured it was something I could do on the field." What are the main differences between coach Smith and Coach Pinkel?

Zack Abron: "Coach Pinkel is a way different coach than Coach Smith. Coach Pinkel has installed in us about attitude and about intensity, and about working hard. Coach Smith was here my freshman year and I really don't have much to comment about that. It is in the past." You have really improved in the area of holding onto the ball this year. What are you doing different this year?

Zack Abron: "This year I am just really concentrating on focusing. That is the main thing I want to do when I go out there and run with the ball. I really concentrate on keeping the ball in my hands. With this year another thing is maturity. I learned the game a little more than I did last year. Learning the game more has enabled me to do things that I wasn't doing last year. Such as breaking tackles, and running through holes that I wouldn't look for last year." What are the areas of your game where you need to improve in, in the next two years?

Zack Abron: "One thing I am going to try on an improve is learning the defenses and knowing them well. And may the lord keep blessing me with everything I am doing. Another thing I am going to do is go out and get faster." With current Tiger, Tyrone Roberson, and recent recruits Damien Nash, and Mario Whitney what do you think of the running back situation for years to come?

Zack Abron: "I am not sure about who is all coming in. I heard that Damien Nash has two more years at JUCO. I am not sure how it is going to be for him when he gets here, if he is going to be able to adjust when he gets up here. I am not sure about the other running back, I heard a little bit about him. I am not sure how he plays are anything. I am just going to go out there and work and play hard." How has Tyrone Roberson been looking in practice and in games?

Zack Abron: "He has been looking pretty good. Real good running back, very quick. He does a good kob reading the blocks, and a real quick burst of speed. He is going to be real good." who are the leaders on and off the field? Offense? Defense?

Zack Abron: "I am going to say Kurt on offense. He leads all the time. We could be dead tired on the field and he is going to come out there and tell everybody what they need to do, and get us going. Kurt is one of the true leaders on this team. Kurt is amazing. On defense I would have to say Antwan Bynum. He is a real big leader. I see him leading the defense all of the time." Do you guys match up well with Texas?

Zack Abron: "I think we match up good. I know the coaches are going to get a good game plan together for us. Coach already told me a few minutes ago that he has installed a couple of plays in for me. On both sides of the ball we are going to have to execute the game plan to be succesful. On offense we can't turn the ball over, and on defense we have to eliminate the big play."

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