Happy Groundhog's Day...er, Birthday?

It wasn't bad enough that we had to witness the Timberlake/Jackson incident yesterday. Now, we are reminded that there is something even more important happening today than Mizzou v. Kansas on Big Monday...it's our own major domo's birthday and drecar is here to provide his vision and perspectives for the next six weeks of Missouri athletics. Enjoy and be sure to wish the Domo a happy birthday, would you?

The official view from the Groundhog: Since today is my birthday and for years, I have been greeted on this day with, "Happy Groundhog's Day" instead of a more respectful, "Happy Birthday", I have decided to give this site the actual readings I got when I awoke this morning and went out to get my newspaper.

First the important thing: I saw my shadow. Now this is not a revelation because I live in Phoenix and there are only two days a year where I wouldn't see my shadow. However, in keeping with the legend, I will tell you there will be six more weeks until that wonderful institution, the NCAA, rules on the alleged infractions by the University of Missouri basketball team. Do not despair! My shadow told me there will be no major infractions and the results of the investigation will result in a warning and possibly restricted recruiting by the coaches. My shadow does not forecast a loss of scholarships or probation. Are you reading this down in Poplar Bluff?

Futher examination of my shadow indicates a picture of Roy Williams crying again. Is it because of Poplar Bluff, the fact he is in Chapel Hill and not Lawrence, or because he is really just miserable about the results of Missouri's NCAA investigation? Methinks it is because of all of the above!

My shadow indicates there are some signs of intelligent life in Lawrence. However, such signs do not post under the name: Amos Lawrence. Amos is still in denial about tall white stiffs. 81Hawk, however, has continued to show the rational thought generally attributed to the posters on Inside Mizzou and this alone shows the there is hope for those west of the great state of Missouri!

Stu Black has had a revelation and is now calling his recap of games "The Good, The Really Good, and I'd Rather not Talk About IT!"

I see a move to retire John Brown's jersey number. Why? Because it is way overdue! John Brown was the first national recruit to sign with the University of Missouri and was one of the top two forwards to ever play the game at Missouri and his number should be hanging from the rafters in our new arena!

Many who post on the Tigerboard will be shocked and dismayed when Nick shuts it down. I won't and they shouldn't be. Nick is a Tiger fan through and through and I know it is killing him the way the animals have taken over the zoo. There has to be a better way to criticize your school's athletic teams than by saying they suck or they are losers.

Gary Pinkel will sign his best class ever as a head coach regardless of how many players have two star ratings. What counts the most is the skill of the athletes and not the artificial star rating. Welcome all 2004 Mizzou recruits - you made the right choice.

According to my shadow there are two final topics. Do not listen to tall white football players from Springfield about shooting free throws. They were all trained by Greg Cavener. Number two, although I am a year older today, I take solace in the fact that the infamous Downtown is starting a new career when most people are holding daisies!

Happy Groundhog's Day, everybody...and Go Mizzou!

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