Kroenke's status still uncertain

Josh Kroenke suffered one of the scariest injuriest Quin Snyder has ever seen on Sunday, and we'll detail what happened and update his status.

First it was off-court problems. Then it was preseason expectations. Then came the tough schedule.

These days, Missouri's problem is its ever-shrinking bench. It shrunk a little more on Sunday, when Josh Kroenke was sidelined indefinitely after a freak accident in practice put, as coach Quin Snyder put it, a "big hole in his leg."

In that practice, Thomas Gardner went for a dunk and brought the rim down with him. Missouri isn't sure if it was part of the ram or shattered glass went into Kroenke's right leg when Gardner landed on him, but either way, it was definitely a frightening moment.

"I'll tell you this, it was a scary injury," coach Quin Snyder said.

Senior Rickey Paulding, a good friend of Kroenke's didn't see the injury happen, but he saw a picture that Kroenke took on his camera phone.

"I couldn't watch it," Paulding said. "My stomach can't handle something like that so I didn't look."

Snyder said it could be a week to two weeks on Tuesday, but he said nothing is certain.

Kroenke's absence reduced Missouri to an eight-man rotation, one that seemed to work in a 77-65 win against Colorado. Five Missouri players, including Jason Conley off the bench, scored in double figures.

In other injury news, forward Linus Kleiza isn't certain when he will return from a dislocated shoulder. Kleiza has missed four straight games.

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