Spring football predictions

With only two days before camp gets under way, Inside Mizzou has the players you should be looking for this spring.

Player everyone will be talking about: Marcus Woods

Expect to see Woods' name in almost every practice report. He shined in summer camp, but Pinkel wisely redshirted him. This spring, he has the chance to take a run at Damien Nash at running back, and he most surely will be the top man for returning punts. He has some of the best lateral movement Missouri fans have ever seen, and his teammates are already calling him "little Barry."

Player who won't surprise anyone with his effort: Beau Viehmann

Viehmann might as well be Missouri's "Rudy," that is except for the fact that Viehmann has already played. But Viehmann, a little stocky fullback, never gives up, and that's why his play last summer earned him a spot of Missouri's goalline offense. Viehmann should be hungry for more than 1-yard situations, and he could earn it with another strong camp.

Player under the biggest pressure: Brandon Coleman

The security blanket of Sonny Riccio is gone, and now Coleman must improve drastically because Missouri needs him as the backup quarterback so that the Tigers don't have to pull the redshirt of Chase Patton or Darrell Jackson. We've already seen Smith get hurt in games, it would too much of a liability to have Coleman in last season's form behind him.

Newcomer the Tigers need to shine: George Lane

With Zane Tomlin's departure, Lane, a junior college transfer, must be able to come in and vie for the starting spot on the defense. He will be extremely valuable to closing up the middle, so Missouri can hardly afford for him to be a dissapointment.

Player who has to be improve, or it's his job: Brock Harvey

Improve might not even be the best word, because all Harvey has to do it return to the form of his impressive sophomore year, one that convinced many that he could have been one of the best punters in the nation. Coming off ankle surgery, Harvey will have to shed last season's horrible performances and get back to that form, or Todd Gohsler will be topping the depth chart by the end of spring.

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