Pratice report: Friday, March 5

Inside Mizzou has the best plays, the worst ones and some offseason conditioning news in Friday's roundup.

There seems to be added enthusiasm around the team every time Marcus Woods touches the ball. He's not only fast with ankle-breaking moves; he has vision, too. Don't be mistaken, Damien Nash is still the better runner, but Woods is showing a lot very early.

* In offseason news, C.J. Mosley set the school bench-press record last week with a bench press of 476 pounds. Although I didn't get the numbers, Brad Smith also set a personal record in the bench press.

* I'm not sure how well he can run routes or even how well he can catch, but there's one thing for sure: freshman receiver Greg Bracey can flat out fly. He was burning the DBs over and over again today.

* One receiver showing he can catch is Arnold Britt. I haven't seen the second-stringer drop a pass yet. He is another backup that could challenge Sean Coffey for time.

* Brad Smith has had some bad overthrows already in the first couple days of practice. It's not as bad as Brandon Coleman, who has been hesitant and erratic, but it will be interesting to see if it's just rust.

* Smith was also holding today, most likely in a backup role, and maybe the Tigers should hope so. There were a couple bad holds today that threw off the kickers, who have been pretty consistent so far. The team also practiced some fake field goals today.

* Tony Palmer's been getting beat a lot, and the defensive linemen are letting him know about it.

* The play of the day? Jason Ray catching a ball just as he took a hit. No, hitting isn't allowed yet, but this was as close as it gets. Ray held the ball up in celebration after he got off the ground. Alex Woodley gets second with a great pass breakup.

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