Practice report: Thursday, March 11

Inside Mizzou has an update on the offensive and defensive lineman, and the usual hits, plays and injury updates.

The hits and plays came in a bunches on Thursday, but we'll get to those later after giving you an update on the offensive and defensive lineman.

Freshman tackle Tyler Luellen has a lot of body to work with at 6-foot-7, 280, but he is still working on how to use it better. He's opened up a stance a little too much, and it is allowing ends to get around him.

At the other end, Joel Clinger has been pretty solid. He had one mistake today when he dropped his head down, but for the most part, he has been keeping up with Missouri's speedy defensive end.

The main fight this spring is at center, where it's anyone's guess who will be playing. Joe Gianino is the frontrunner with his experience, but Scott Wheatley has been as solid as anyone this spring. Adam Spieker is also in the mix, but it could go down to Wheatley and Gianino at the end of the spring.

On defense, Xzavie Jackson has been great. He's a hard player to cool down, but when he's been focused, he has been hard for anyone to stop. The same goes for tackle Atiyyah Ellison and C.J. Mosley, who have been giving the guards a whole lot of trouble. Brian Smith has been held up more than he's sped past the tackles.

* Nino Williams practiced at full speed without a red pullover for the first time on Thursday.

* The plays of the day followed one right after another. First, Marcus Woods split through the defense for a long touchdown, and then Damien Nash did the same on the next play. On both, Brad Smith and Tony Palmer ran down to congratulate them in the end zone.

* The hits of the day were the same way. First, Marcus Bacon laid out Sean Coffey on a cross route, and then Emmet Morris did the same on Greg Bracey on the following play. Don't be fooled by the no tackling rule for the first week and half of practice; the players find their ways around it.

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