Scrimmage report: Saturday, March 13

Well, it's early. That's about all you can say about the offense in Missouri's first scrimmage. The defense held the offense to only one touchdown, and the ball rarely crossed midfield all morning. Inside Mizzou was there and has the details.

Moving Saturday's scrimmage indoors was the just the first of several precautionary moves in the morning.

Take the Tigers' offense, for example. The ball only went downfield a handful of times, and the running game had little power. Meanwhile, most of the passes went to Missouri's tight ends, of which there are several, for small gains.

Josh Barbo and DeQuincy Howard had the best days for the offense, with three catches each, several of them difficult.

"DeQuincy Howard kind of shined today; he caught a lot of balls," Missouri coach Pinkel said. "He's a capable guy.

"Josh had some great catches today. The tight ends did some good things, and Josh is very physical guy too, strong. So there's a lot of competition."

It was an OK day for Brad Smith, who completed 7-of-13 passes, including a touchdown pass to Thomson Omboga where Omboga dived to the corner of the end zone to catch it. It was the offense's only touchdown; it hardly got past midfield afterward.

The day was more important for Brandon Coleman, who became the backup quarterback this winter when Sonny Riccio transferred. Coleman completed 6-of-11 passes, and while he didn't throw an interception, several of them were close.

"I expected to play a little better, but I just gotta get better, and make sure I don't make the same mistakes next scrimmage," Coleman said.

He said the focus on the tight ends wasn't the plan before the scrimmage, but the defensive pressure forced him to check off for shorter passes.

"We have a great D-line, and they were getting a lot of pressure," Coleman said. "I went to the quick outlets to get the ball to someone and not take sacks. It's hard to get downfield at the time right now."

Much of that defensive pressure was coming from end Zach Ville, who was in the backfield for much of the morning with the first-team defense going against the second-team offense. Ville had two tackles for loss on Beau Viehmann, and Viehmann didn't have much of a chance on either.

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