Practice report: Tuesday, March 16

In Tuesday's report, we clear up one issue, talk about the two-minute drill and also give you the latest injury news with the usual play and hit of the day.

To get one thing straight first, the offense is not practicing the option this spring. It's gone around the message boards that they are, and I assure you it's not true. There is an option drill, but it's run for the defense, and it usually involves the third and fourth-stringers, and they even bring in some kickers as running backs. Most of the time, Brad Smith isn't even in on the drill.

That said, Tuesday's practice finished with two-minute drills for the first and second-team offense and defenses. Both Smith and Brandon Coleman ran it well, getting down inside the 20 for a field goal. Coleman's was especially impressive with passes to Marcus Woods, Greg Bracey and Josh Barbo.

* It's time to say it: Brad Smith's reads aren't getting much better. He's still slow at finding the open man, and without the ability to run, it's turning into bad throws or simple throw-aways. Smith will always have a cap on how good he can get until he improves this part of his game.

*On an injury note, tight end Martin Rucker will not be back for the spring. He has a shoulder injury that demands surgery.

* You won't see any more notes about how Jason Ray hasn't dropped a pass yet. He dropped an easy one Tuesday, but his performance in the rest of the practices more than makes up for it.

* Kickers Alex Petterson and Pat Velten each made 42-yard field goals Tuesday, with Adam Crossett missing way wide. Crossett has also been punting.

* The play of the day goes to Damien Nash, who took a screen pass from Brad Smith for a touchdown of about 50 yards. Nash seems to have a pretty good hold on the top running back spot.

* The hit of the day goes to Derrick Ming, who simply flattened Greg Bracey after Bracey missed an overthrown ball.

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