Practice report: Tuesday, March 30

The Tigers returned to practice Tuesday, and at least the intensity didn't skip a beat. In Tuesday's report, find out the biggest hits, the newest position move and the info on a new hire on staff.

As the Tigers returned from Spring Break for the first practice, no one got a break on Tuesday in perhaps the most intense practice to date. There were several huge hits coming from both the defense and the offense in a practice that rarely had a dull moment.

* The offense mostly went short Tuesday, going with a drill that mostly went to the running backs and tight ends. In other words, there was rarely a chance to see if Brad Smith or Brandon Coleman recovered from the break. Smith did have a good deep pass to Brad Ekwerekwu in the later part of the practice.

* In a position note, Fabian Bean has moved from defensive end and is doing most of his work inside at tackle. Bean had one of the better defensive plays of the day, recovering a Marcus Woods fumble. Bean's move could be because of the lack of depth at tackle, where only Atiyyah Ellison and C.J. Mosley stand out.

* The offensive line and defensive line duke it out in a 1-on-1 drill every practice, and for one of the first times, the offensive line won on Tuesday, and it won big at 31-15. Adam Spieker showed his improvement with a block on Ellison, taking Ellison and putting him, as assistant coach Dave Christenson said, "into submission."

* Coach Gary Pinkel made it clear Monday that he was disappointed with the kickers' consistency, and Tuesday's practice couldn't be assuring. The kickers missed five of 15 field goal attempts, with Alex Petterson making 2-of-5, Pat Velten making 3-of-5, and Adam Crossett missing all five of his attempts. To the kickers' credit, the goalposts are smaller in the indoor facility, but several were way wide. The word is that several of the holds by Brad Smith and Coleman haven't been very good. The former holder was quarterback Sonny Riccio, who transferred in the winter.

* The hit of the day and the play of the day went to Calvin Washington, who nailed one of the new walk-ons to force a fumble and then recover it. The walk-on took a while to recover from the hit.

* In other news, the Tigers hired a new strength and conditioning coach Tuesday. Former Missouri player Pat Ivey, who used to head the Tulsa strength and conditioning program, replaces Jeff Fish. Ivey begins April 12.

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