After almost a year, the NCAA has announced their findings related to the Missouri basketball program. The results showed that two self-reported incidents occurred, and an additional unsupported allegation made by a convicted felon, Ricky Clemons. Few programs could emerge from such an extensive investigation with such a clean record. It's a day for Missouri fans to celebrate!

Can we finally call an end to the "Ellen Soeteber, St. Louis Post-Dispatch Missouri Witch Hunt 2003-2004?" Ellen, have you had enough?

We've all been subjected to the thousands of lines of righteous indignation from Soeteber and her staff of writers over the "renegade program" being run by Quin Snyder in Columbia off and on for the last twelve months. Make no mistake about it, this has been their witch hunt, pure and simple.

Was the tasteless smear job really worth it, I wonder? A few minutes of excessive phone calls, and some coach's sweats that were being thrown away? You can't go to any given AAU tournament without seeing more violations occurring out in the open than those diminimous events.

And yet, we have all been subjected to every word that has publically come out of the mouth of Rickey Clemons and his former (current?) girlfriend. Did anybody's "journalistic crap alarm" ever go off at the Post-Dispatch when the stories and accounts of payments by coaches was DIFFERENT everytime? First, the payments were allegedly made by Lane Odom and they were by check. Then they were made by an unnamed source, but they were in small denominations. Now we read the NCAA's "he said, she said" version as $300 coming from Tony Harvey.

What, nobody knows how to use Paypal over at Hearnes?

Clemons has shown that he has no ability to be trusted. His word isn't worth a thing. The final allegation against Missouri is baseless and lacks a paper trail or any hard evidence.

Funny, that important story component was once again lost on Ms. Soeteber's staff in today's story. The alleged payout violation is trumpeted in bold headlines.

Nice to see that while the Post-Dispatch's agenda is apparent to everybody by now, they keep firing their guns at central Missouri, whether they have bullets in the chambers or not.

Mizzou will appeal the payout finding at the September NCAA appeal hearing. Without any credible witnesses involved or a paper trail, Missouri should emerge without that finding in its report.

In the end, the two lessons Quin Snyder should take away from this whole affair are these: 1. Don't wait to get your point guard situation resolved, at least not to the point of desperation they were in two years ago. It lead to taking a bad citizen like Clemons, and later an unproductive player in Randy Pulley.

2. There are forces and opponents out there who are just waiting for any chance to pounce on program weaknesses. A certain coach, now in Chapel Hill, has done his best to exaggerate the extent of Missouri's troubles to anybody who would listen. His day under the hot lamps is coming!

Missouri fans, on the other hand, need to have a little more faith and starch in their backs. It was clear that the Post-Dispatch had their own agenda from the beginning. Their stories became the subject of ridicule and joking by other newspapers in their own state. In the end, it is the Post-Dispatch that has comes out looking petty, biased and corrupt.

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