Missouri to move quickly

With the departure of Lane Odom and the suspension of Tony Harvey, Missouri is operating two assistant coaches short right now. We'll take a look at some likely scenarios and time tables for filling the existing opening.

Don't expect Lane Odom's chair to remain empty for long. Sources close to Quin Snyder say that Snyder has a short list of assistant coaches he is considering at this point.

What is Snyder looking for in a potential assistant coaching candidate? Expect to see somebody with an excellent record related to compliance for one thing. The individual will also have an excellent record related to recruiting and x's and o's coaching experience.

With several key players in the 2005 class hanging in the balance, such as Tyler Hansbrough, Chad Millard and Brandon Rush, Missouri can ill-afford to delay assembling a full complement of quality assistant coaches.

While Odom's position figures to be filled quickly, Tony Harvey's situation is far less certain. Harvey was suspended from his position, with pay, last week by the University. Harvey's attorney has stated publically that Tony expects to return to the Tigers' staff next season.

We would be surprised if that is the case.

Look for Harvey to spend the summer quietly looking for another coaching position, perhaps at the Division II level.

If Harvey's situation resolves itself in this way, expect Missouri to potentially have a full complement of assistant coaches by September.

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