This week's pick from the Swami

MizzouRah returns for another week of fearless predictions and point spread winners. Enjoy!

Well, the Tigers pushed the spread last week, this is one of those weeks that you needed to bet on the Tigers early to win "toothpicks" and the longer you waited you might have actually lost on Mizzou. On our picks it was at +20 so we pushed.

I thought KSU was an easy pick last week, blame the talking heads on KC radio if you want to blame someone else OR the lack of knowledge that KSU wasn't starting their QB, man it's tough when the Big XII doesn't require injury reports.

Anyway we were 6-5 Straight Up (!) and 5-5 Against the Spread.

On to this week's games.

Iowa State (+10) at CU (FSN) - The Buffs were really disappointing on Saturday. I don't see a lot of blowout wins for the Buffs given their style but ISU has looked bad as well. (If you didn't know this is a bad year for the North but if MU holds on to win the North this will come up on TV a lot more than if KSU/NU/CU wins the north), anyway I don't look for this one to set viewership records but it should be a pretty competitive game, ISU is a little better this year.

Pick ISU they lose 24-16

MIZZOU (+14) (230 ABC) at Texas - Greg Robinson hasn't done a horrible job for UT as I maintain he did for the Chiefs. I don't know why UT didn't pull Young on Saturday, actually I do, Mack Brown is too worried about public opinion, in this case it was the right thing to do.

Texas is legitimately a top 10 team, if MU didn't stub their toe in Troy this would be a huge game nationally. I think it plays to MU's advantage in a weird way that this isn't on the national radar. This is the best MU defense in years and the D line will be surprisingly effective. I watched UT in person once this year and I will do it again on Saturday, Arkansas should have showed MU a lot of things they can do on offense and this Tiger defense Will give MU a great chance to win, even though I picked wrong on Texas/OU I'll take the longshot on this one, the Tigers D line pressures Young all day and Brad Smith kicks the Heisman campaign back off.

In the good news category, with the OSU game getting on ABC, this team may be on TV for all Big XII games this year, ISU will be on TV, Baylor was on, CU was on, KU will be on (few games that week) so if KSU and Nebraska get on (probable) I will stop complaining about the Big XII TV contract.

MIZZOU wins outright 23-17

OU (-20) at KSU - 11 am ABC - KSU is not a bad football team, but this isn't the place to try and recover, as MU's loss to Troy could help them this year, last year's KSU win will ensure this one gets ugly. If the KSU QB is still fragile hold him out of this one, the OU D line controls this game no matter what.

Pick OU they win 45-10

A&M (+7) at OSU (6 PM TBS?) - Two teams I have not given enough credit to this year, I'm still not sold on the OSU passing game but they may be fine without it. This should be a great atmosphere in Stillwater and I think they will again run the ball well enough to win.

Pick OSU 34-24

Baylor (+22) at Nebraska - The Mizzou offense came out a little flat Saturday but give Baylor some credit, they do a good job containing things on defense and given the offense they practice against I think they will keep this one fairly close. I have no comment on Nebraska's performance other than to say no that was a complete disaster, that may be an indicator of things to come this year.

Outside of Missouri, Nebraska still has the best shot at the North, getting to play Baylor will help IF they can get things turned around. The schedule isn't that bad and this win will at least stop the bleeding, however this offense is not good and even against Baylor I think this spread is too high.

Pick Baylor they lose 21-10

Other games:

Arkansas (+13) covers but loses to Auburn although the Hogs have no injury/players leaving issues so this is a bit scary.

Florida (-28) covers over Mid. Tenn. St.

Navy (+6) BREAKS THE STREAK and beats Notre Dame.

Rutgers (-13) covers over Temple, the Big East should still lose their BCS bid.

Ole Miss (+10) played 3 QB's in beating an overrated South Carolina team but they get blown out by Tennessee, take the Vols.

Utah (-18) covers over North Carina, even though the Heels had a huge win last week.

I'm picking some blowouts outside of the Big XII.

Good luck to your team!

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