Tigers lose third straight to DePaul

Missouri continued to die relying almost exclusively on its outside shooting losing to DePaul 63-62. The Tigers looked lost and disorganized playing only their third game in 23 days. Missouri fans wonder what will Snyder do to snap the team out of its funk?

We are fed up quoting shooting statistics. Suffice it to say that for the third game in a row, Clarence and Kareem continued to force three-point shots and continued to miss them.

Wes Stokes, who wasn't a good shooter to start with, jacked up nine shots versus DePaul and sank one.


We have a second memo and it goes to Quin Snyder: Coach, we all like Wes and we wish it was working out with him, but it isn't. Hoping that if he continues to shoot open jumpers will suddenly turn him into a credible outside shooter isn't going to make it happen.

Ever minute that Stokes plays is a minute that Ricky Paulding doesn't, or Najeeb Echols doesn't, or Justin Gage doesn't. All three of those guys bring something to the floor, be it shooting, aggressiveness, rebounding, gritty defense. Stokes isn't getting it done in ANY area of the game right now. He needs to find the bench, coach.

The Tigers are clearly better outside shooters than their last three games indicate, but playing games less frequently than a football team, can't be helping shake off the collective rust.

And it shouldn't matter in the final outcome. If the outside shots aren't going to fall, a smart team finds other ways to score and win. A team that isn't smart will continue to jack up off-balance threes and hope for the best.

It's time to move to Plan B guys.

Take a tip from former Missouri great Derrick Chievous, when the outside jumpers aren't falling, you start driving the ball, drawing fouls, and make your shots at the free throw line. Chievous could figure this out, even when he was the only viable offensive weapon Missouri had on many nights. You would think the current group of Tigers could come to the same conclusion.

Arthur Johnson continues to play well, and all but carried Missouri vs. DePaul. The sophomore finished with 20 points and 18 rebounds.

Other than A.J., Missouri did a dismal job of controlling the paint. The Tigers simply aren't making teams pay much of a toll for overplaying Mizzou on the perimeter.

When will we see Travon Bryant play hard on offense? Going 1-2 from the floor and fouling out isn't getting it done either, especially when you consider that teams aren't exactly packing it in versus Missouri these days!

Thankfully, the Tigers don't have to wait another seven days for their next game. Coppin State plays Missouri on January 2nd back in Columbia. That will be the next to last non-conference game for Missouri (Virginia visits Columbia in early February).

It's not too late for the Tigers. However, is Snyder willing to mix up the lineup or try attacking the basket to get this team back on track?

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