Conference call: Nov. 1

Missouri coach Gary Pinkel and Kansas State coach Bill Snyder spoke with the media Monday morning during the Big 12's Coaches' Teleconference. Read on for the coaches' thoughts on the weekend's matchup and other issues affecting their teams.

Kansas State coach Bill Snyder

Opening statement: "I thought our youngsters made the effort and played hard. I think Texas Tech was a very fine football team, a more physical football team than (how) we played. They probably played faster than we did as well. We really didn't get off to a really good start in either half. That kind of set the tone for the ballgame, as much as anything. That was created, certainly, by a very effective offense by Texas Tech, but also we gave up some tremendously big plays just by being out of position. There was a lack of focus and probably a lack of discipline as well. Overall, it was a good performance by Texas Tech and they deserved to win the ballgame. We certainly did not play to our capabilities, or coach for that matter, either. I certainly made as many mistakes as anyone.

On Missouri: "Obviously we've seen Brad Smith year in and year out, but it's not just the Brad Smith show. They've got a lot of very, very fine players. I've been impressed by the vast improvement and maturation of their defense. They really are an excellent defensive football team. That certainly is going to be an issue for us, as well as the multiplicity of their offense, being able to run it and throw it and the quarterback involved in the running game. You have an awful lot to prepare for."

On preparing for Smith: "Well, I think there's two things that enter into it. One is the other side of the ball. It's the number of opportunities that Brad is having. Part of it's due to the offense, but a big part of it is due to the defense as well. The defense has gotten the ball back. Look at last week against Nebraska: they had 90-some-odd snaps on offense. He's such a talented player that, the more opportunities he gets, eventually something's going to happen, you would think. We've been fortunate enough to be able to not allow him to have 90-some-odd snaps. We've been able to maintain some possession time with our offense as well. I don't know if there's any real secret; he can do so many things. He puts you in a position where you have to defend virtually everything and that thins you out a little bit."

On the wide-open Big 12 North and Kansas State's late surges in recent years: "We took a look at that here last week and we ended up on the short end of the scoreboard. What you do week in and week out is what really makes a difference. What's happened in the past doesn't make much difference. The important thing is how we prepare this week and how we play. That's the bottom line."

On his team's effort against Texas Tech: "I think there was fight and spirit on our football team. We just got ourselves out of position too many times and consequently, against a good football team, that gets taken advantage of and that's exactly what happened. We still, as motivated as we may have been, were still out of position on some snaps that were very costly in the ballgame."

Missouri coach Gary Pinkel

Opening statement: "It was obviously a tough loss. I'm just really embarrassed that the kicking game gave up 14 points. For me, that's an indictment against me as a coach. You take pride that you do certain things to win football games."

On the effects of flying on game day: "That's an excuse. There's none. We had to deal with what we had to. It was one of the most bizarre things I've ever been associated with. There was never any discussion of taking a bus at 6 o'clock. There's no excuses. There's none, absolutely none. It had absolutely nothing to do with our performance."

On worries about the team's confidence: "I think naturally, you gotta deal with that. Obviously, I'm very concerned. We have great kids and they certainly want to win. There wasn't a lack of effort. The only thing that's gonna make you feel better is winning, there's nothing else that will. We have good kids…we'll rally and we'll get ready to play."

On if he regrets pulling freshman TB Tony Temple's redshirt after reinstating Nash: "No, not at all. No."

On if teams are doing different things to slow down Smith: "There's no question that they are. It's not real complicated. They are really loading up on the run. People are pretty much saying, ‘You can beat us many other ways, but we're gonna do everything we can to contain Brad.' And I anticipated this a little bit, which is why I wanted to become a little bit better passing team. … The lack of Brad running is not Brad's fault. There's no fault there; it's just that people are doing different things to us and we've got to take advantage of it and try to do a better job of doing other things offensively and try to get things back."

On the struggles of the passing game: "I don't think it's a lack of punch, just consistency. We've been inconsistent in a lot of ways. I think it's just people are doing a great job of loading up on Brad Smith running the football. There are other things we have to do to improve to get those things back. It's not all passing. There are other things."

On the Kansas State defense: "I think that they're obviously a very physical football team. They've responded in every way as great competitors. We'll get their best shot, for sure. Our seniors and myself, we've never beat Kansas state. Both quarterbacks have played well and Sproles just beat us up a year ago. There certainly are some concerns."

On if he has encouraged his players to vote Tuesday: "I didn't, honestly. I was going to say something to them tomorrow morning. It was on our agenda to be sure that we remind those guys to get out and vote that can. We're gonna touch on it tomorrow morning."

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