Swami's Picks For This Weekend

The Border War headlines the analysis and predictions this week from our intrepid mystic. How will the Texas loss affect Kansas, and was two weeks off a benefit for the Tigers?

Another fairly quiet week in college football coming up. Last week, I was 4-4 against Vegas and 5-3 straight up, so we are still 56-58 against the spread on the year and 87-38 straight up. If it weren't for the last second field goal in the Nebraska/OU game we would have finally hit .500 on the year (and that cost me a few "toothpicks") oh well, we are still within shouting distance.

BORDER WAR WEEK (which is no longer called this by the schools in a PC move)

kansas at MIZZOU (-10) 1 PM NO TV- Well the Tigers try to expand their huge 52-51-9 all time lead in this series in the oldest rivalry west of the Mississippi that has been continuously played. Obviously, KU looked very good last Saturday and refuse to quit when there appears to be little to play for, so I expect the Tigers to be in for a dog fight. This game really should be on TV even though the teams aren't all that good this year. MU has suuperior talent and is in better health so they should win this game and that makes you think this spread is about right, but KU's defense is quite solid and I am certain that KU will be loose and use several trick plays and other things to keep MU off balance. MU needed a week off desperately and hopefully they will come out with some confidence. I'm going to figure that this will be like most KU road games this year and very competitive. I'd like to see the TIGERS try some things outside of the box, to loosen everyone up but MU is not playing with confidene now and the O line just hasn't been good enough this year. I do think if MU manages to win this one they will win in Ames and go to a bowl, that would still be A LOT better than no bowl this year.

Pick KU but the Tigers win 20-16

ISU (+10.5) at KSU 11 AM FSN regional - Same thing here, KSU is about 14 points better than ISU at home just based off talent, but they aren't the confident team. The KSU-CU game is another one that would have been a great TV matchup. ISU had a bye to prepare for this and wrap up a bowl. They too have been close in most of their games this year except for the early conference losses. I think KSU will give Sproles a win in his finale and he is a student athlete that deserves success but this spread also seems a bit high. ISU discovered a passing threat against Nebraska with a bigger reciever (don't have his name in front of me) who should have some more success on Saturday.

Pick ISU but KSU wins 31-24

OU -34 at Baylor 11 AM FSN regional - Well as I mentioned OU wanting to win 37-0 cost me a few toothpicks (would 33-0 have been so bad?), that is one of the worst beats I have ever had but I thought Nebraska did the right thing as OU should have pulled their starters earlier. But folks that bet can't worry about what's right and wrong, only what is going to happen. OU wants to win this one by 40+ (or at least feels they have to blow Baylor out to keep Auburn at bey in the BCS polls). Baylor simply can't stop them.

OU covers 56-7

That's it for the Big XII but I will take a few other games.

LSU -21 blows out an Ole Miss team that has given up for the year I think.

I'll take Alabama to lose but keep Auburn (-10) from covering.

I like this Wyoming (+8) team and they upset New Mexico on the road (but Wyoming is a MUCH better bet at home this year!)

News flash! BYU (+21) isn't that good and can't keep Utah from covering.

I like Penn State and hope I am wrong but Michigan State (-3) wins big.

I for one would like to see an Arkansas (-10) and MIZZOU rematch in the Houston Bowl, they cover against Mississippi State and it comes down to MU/ISU and the Hogs/LSU game for the two teams to be bowl eligible next week...hope springs eternal.

Good luck to your (non-jayhawk) team!

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