MU 56, NU 53

Any conference road victory is a beautiful thing in the Big 12. However, for Missouri, it was especially sweet because it was their first of the season.

Tiger game comments.... *Any road win the the Big 12 is a good one. Road teams win about 33% of the time in conference, so this should feel good for the team.

*7 assists and 17 turnovers. Ugh.

*2:15 left in the game and the Tigers are up three. Big stop on D. Horton brings the ball across half court and passes to LK on the wing. He fires up a three. Ugh. I'm starting to believe he will never get it (at least while at MU). He's our most physically talented player, an apparently intelligent person, and has the basketball IQ of two-year old.

*Grimes only plays two minutes the whole game. I don't understand that, but it makes a little more sense than....

*Conley only getting 19 minutes. When he plays we are a better passing team, we rebound better, and our D doesn't suffer (and might be better). Oh, and he's been our most consistent three-point shooter this season. Yeah, I can see why we don't want him on the floor too much.

*Bring on CU and let's get this thing over with.

*********Other thoughts*******

*Looks like the Big 12 has a good chance to get 6 teams in to the dance this year again. KU and OSU are in. OU, TU, and Tech (with RPI's in the low 30's on up) probably need to 2-2 to be guaranteed a spot and 1-3 still might do it. I think they'll make it. That leaves ISU which has won 7 in a row and sits at 54 in the RPI. They have CU, MU, Baylor, and aTM left. Win three of four and they should have the resume (18-9 overall, 10-6 conference, high 40's RPI, and a great 2nd half record) to make it. This is good for the conference.

*Travon Bryant. Anybody else think we could use him this year? I don't want to romanticize his talents, but I don't want to short change them either. He did average 10.6 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 1.5 blocks last year. If you'll recall, he came in late his freshman year and only played in 24 games. He averaged about 13 minutes, 3 points and 3 boards. He didn't make us a lot better then, and he sure would look good in black and gold this year. Hindsight is always 20-20 on these things, but he was out of shape and only 17 when he entered MU. It would not have been a completely foreign concept to red-shirt him. Is my thinking off on this? Would Quin have been considered an idiot at the time to do this? Does anybody else have an opinion on this?

Just curious.

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