Where are you heading, Deke?

It's national letter of intent day, and all around the country, young football prospects are signing their name on the dotted lines anticipating their future as a college football player. In Mexico, there's a young man named Dedrick Harrington who just happens to be a darn good receiver. To borrow a lyric from the 80's, "should he stay or should he go...?"

It appears that Harrington has narrowed his choices down to either Missouri or Notre Dame.

Conventional wisdom has held that Dedrick has wanted to attend Missouri, but some members of his family were telling him that Notre Dame was the place to go.

Unlike other kids in this class, Harrington has not jerked around Missouri, Notre Dame, or any other school for that matter. He hasn't committed and decommitted a dozen times like a certain DE from Oklahoma who will remain nameless.

By all accounts, Harrington is a very good character kid, who has narrowed his search to two programs that have great character coaches: Gary Pinkel at Missouri and Ty Willingham at Notre Dame.

Tough decision.

However, growing up in Mexico and having all of those family members and friends 40 miles away, might just be enough to sway young Mr. Harrington Pinkel's way today.

Let's face it, both Notre Dame and Missouri are in a rebuilding process, so that is a constant in both circumstances.

Both programs have great football traditions, although I won't, for a minute, try to say that Missouri's stacks up to Notre Dame's. However, it is safe to say that both school's football programs glory eras were well before Harrington was born.

Harrington must also decide where he wants to spend the next 4-5 years of his life. What place feels more comfortable, South Bend or Columbia? Both are very nice small cities.

In the end, the decision will probably come down to relationships. The rapport that both staffs have developed with this young man is usually the deciding factor.

We'll all know Harrington's answer later today... stand by Tiger fans!

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