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For those members who weren't able to attend last night's chat session, here is the unedited transcript.

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trwyatt:: hey all long time no chat

Brad Burgess:: Hey guys!!!

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Mizzouman:: hey brad

Brad Burgess:: I'm on the phone with the Domo

Brad Burgess:: Getting the straight scoop on Smith

TigerZone:: Hey Mizzou fans!!

Brad Burgess:: What's up Zone?

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Brad Burgess:: So, what's on your minds tonight?  Football or Hoops?

drecar:: Breathing.

TigerZone:: Hoops!

Mizzouman:: smith is #1 target

Brad Burgess:: Hoops it is...

Mizzouman:: i think we could really end up with 2 ships remaining as well

Brad Burgess:: I would agree that getting a PG who can create and score is job one right now.

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Brad Burgess:: Hi ken

HBTiger3:: Aren't we out of scholarships?

Brad Burgess:: Depends

HBTiger3:: Who's going pro?

trwyatt:: The four words that make me nervous Junior College point guard

Brad Burgess:: Will Grant qualify?

drecar:: Hawk asked the eternal question today.  My daughter called me from KC and asked me the same thing.  The only real answer is to say I hope they both lose.

Brad Burgess:: Will Fergy go pro?

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Brad Burgess:: Hi JoCo.

JoCoTiger:: Hey all. Thank goodness no trips to the Broadway Bridge this year!

Brad Burgess:: I pointed out, I usually pull for the roof to fall in in those cases.

drecar:: Grant may qualify and still be placed. 

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Brad Burgess:: I think Grant will end up not qualifying

Brad Burgess:: Hi nohawks.

nohawks:: HI

Brad Burgess:: I wouldn't bet a dime on Fergy coming back either next season...would you?

nohawks:: Glad I stumbled on the site when I did

Brad Burgess:: We're glad to have you!

nohawks:: Thanks - great time to be a tiger ?...maybe

drecar:: Joco my  daughter and son in law were feeling the pain but the last game changed their whole outlook.

Brad Burgess:: I think the addition of a quality scoring guard and at least Criswell would be big for MU next year.  And don't forget about Spencer

nohawks:: Chance with Isaac Miles

nohawks:: ?

Brad Burgess:: Well...?

Brad Burgess:: I think it was poor until we worked KU at home this year!

JoCoTiger:: Dre I was tempted to drive to Lawrence with a megaphone, sit on the porch of the Free State and hassle beaks....but I'm not a vengeful person!

Brad Burgess:: I'm glad he got to see that.  He also must realize that we are PG poor and he could play NOW

Brad Burgess:: JoCo...I know better than that!

nohawks:: my son goes to Miege - he said he verbaled to Quin on his visit but he said he's flakey

Brad Burgess:: Miles is a big PG and is a very SMART player.

drecar:: I think you need a megaphone with an amplifier.

Brad Burgess:: nohawks...reall?

Brad Burgess:: really?

Brad Burgess:: NH, I used to shoot Bishop Miege games when I worked at the KC Kansan!

nohawks:: I'd take it with a grain of salt, like he told me, he's a flake

JoCoTiger:: Miles is strong. D-1 build already. Looked like more a 2 to me though.

nohawks:: really BB

Brad Burgess:: yep...

Brad Burgess:: I'm all about Miege!

nohawks:: who's the young guy out of Paseo who's an up and comer

drecar:: He may be flakey but he can play.  I think he will be the Issac Hayes of college basketball.

JoCoTiger:: It's a frosh and he's already sitting behind the KU bench from what I hear.

Brad Burgess:: NH...I'm drawing a blank on that kid's name, but I know who you're referring to.

nohawks:: I'll get the kid for verification

Brad Burgess:: The way Self shuttles people in and out of that program, who can keep track?

trwyatt:: Travis Relaford

nohawks:: ok

Brad Burgess:: yep

Mizzouman:: alittle overrated but decent

Brad Burgess:: I think KU is heading for the big reality check in the sky next season!

nohawks:: agreed - Self isn't the second coming !?!/

Rage Dave:: KU was good early--and inconsistent since

JoCoTiger:: Any juco over 6'7 on our radar? Especially if Ferg would maybe find a pro league to play in??

Brad Burgess:: I don't like their freshmen nearly as much as our group.

drecar:: Lathrop has a great soph.  He think he could be his best ever.  Can you imagine if Miles had gone to RS instead of Miege

Brad Burgess:: Hi Dave.

Rage Dave:: Hey Brad, hope you're enjoying our spring

Brad Burgess:: has been spectacular!  NoCal is the place to be right now!!!

nohawks:: I'll bet !

Rage Dave:: Too bad winter returns just in time for me to go hiking

Brad Burgess:: nohawks...the doubts about Self are already flying around.

Mizzouman:: i want a scorer and most of what is left in jucos that fit that bill are guards

drecar:: A lot of their freshmen may not be sophs at KU evidently

Rage Dave:: This wasn't a particularly good class though--next year's will be another story

Brad Burgess:: MM...I think everybody feels that way.

Mizzouman:: kaun and robinson are goners

nohawks:: Thats good for 'em over there - they need reality, makes me want to pull for Quin all the more

Brad Burgess:: reputation, yes.  However...?

Rage Dave:: You know otherwise, Brad?

Mizzouman:: what are you talking about rage??

Rage Dave:: KU's class for 2005

JoCoTiger:: Pissing away Russell Robinson would be silly. But I'm good with it

Brad Burgess:: I remember when Kaun was the man!  Wasn't Robinson better than Grimes, etc.

drecar:: Dave I talked to Barry Laurie and he wasn't overly impressed with Chalmers at the Bass pro tourney

Mizzouman:: 04 class is better than 05

Mizzouman:: does that tell u something

Mizzouman:: about kus class

Brad Burgess:: I think Galindo was the only good player from that group.

nohawks:: I love it  - KU just a notch above average - could that be the case w/ the revolving door ?

Rage Dave:: We always underrate KU and they always seem to win

Brad Burgess:: And he's fragile.

Mizzouman:: i agree

Mizzouman:: kus 05 class is sooo overrated

Brad Burgess:: Dave...true, but take away those four seniors and what do you have?

Rage Dave:: A young team with a lot of talent

Brad Burgess:: I'm still saying that Giddens is gone...

drecar:: Man if they put Downs and Galindo on the court at the same time you are talking about an all ugly team

Mizzouman:: bc they always had that class.....

Rage Dave:: If Giddens is gone, it will be a big problem for them

nohawks:: drecar - LOL

drecar:: Is that a hint about his grades

JoCoTiger:: Galindo tripped over a local cable co's tv cable when he hurt his hammy. Ha!

Brad Burgess:: Giddens hasn't found a classroom this spring.

HBTiger3:: Brad, how do you know?

nohawks:: thats a sign if there ever was one

drecar:: He is depressed about his shot

TigerZone:: MM, Is this talk of Brandon Rush a real possibility, and how could we make it work?

JoCoTiger:: I've personally heard Self scream at Giddens at the end of a practice. Trust me, there's no love on either side of that relationship.

Brad Burgess:: HB...let's just say that one of their admins over at Phog has been slipping me some scoop.

Mizzouman:: brandon is on the phone......will anyone pick it up

drecar:: Jocotigerspy?

JoCoTiger:: Just doin my job with my ears open Dre.

Brad Burgess:: "Hello, Brandon...!"

JoCoTiger:: Of course on that day, everyone in the gym heard it!

TigerZone:: LOL Brad!

drecar:: Good, all good.

nohawks:: yes !

Mizzouman:: no not you brad.......the other head coach

drecar:: Unless this staff is doing the all time secret spy ring Captain Midnight routine, Rush aint coming here.

Brad Burgess:: Word is that Giddens has been hearing from agents that he's primed for the NBA.

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WildIrishMizzou:: hey guys

trwyatt:: Giddens won't be a pro without  a willingness to take the ball to the basket.

JoCoTiger:: NBA is all about potential though

nohawks:: The kid just told me - MU's is recruiting Miles hard and KU's just starting to talk to him a little bit. According to him AND that he's "probably " going to go to Mizzou. Thats according to Miles.  Grain of salt inserted w/ a teenage kid

Brad Burgess:: Hi WIM.

drecar:: You know I think everyone might just have witnessed JMac epiphany as a college basketball player in the last few games.  Man I hope he keeps it up.

JoCoTiger:: WIM = MVP!!

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StPats93:: hello!

nohawks:: hey !

Brad Burgess:: WIM is the man...

StPats93:: so how do we look?

Rage Dave:: So WIM: are we concerned about the DT situation?

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drecar:: Nohawks keep the pressure on

WildIrishMizzou:: Nohawks, Miles has been to numerous KU games, and heis just starting to be recruited by them?

nohawks:: My son just told me Miles came up to him and said - "hey Adam if you don't give a dollar I won't go to Mizzou.... Now on to football...

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TigerZone:: If we get Smith will we place Keaton at Moberly? We fill their spot, and they fill ours.

WildIrishMizzou:: Rage... Yes and no.  I really need to see the scrimmage Thursday.

nohawks:: According to Miles - yes - he hasn't told the kid he's been to any KU games

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trwyatt:: Saw a bit of Marcus Walker  Saturday he took 33 shots in the final

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Brad Burgess:: WIM...most kids will use free tickets when they're sent to them!

JoCoTiger:: Your the man WIM. No hedging. Early DT thoughts please? Pretty please? With a KU loss on top?

Mizzouman:: smith will come down to texas a&m and mizzou

nohawks:: Well the wife just called for dinner- take care everybody !

Brad Burgess:: Bye NH...

WildIrishMizzou:: Yea, but he has had some pretty good seats from what I have heard.  My freebies are in teh 3rd tier! 

nohawks:: cya

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Brad Burgess:: WIM...Quin hasn't figured out that you have serious PG skillz yet?

Brad Burgess:: So can we pitch the ball WIM?

StPats93:: how are we looking at linebacker?

Brad Burgess:: We need to get that option down this spring.

WildIrishMizzou:: Early DT thoughts.  Other than Stephens we are small.  I'm not sure how much Earl will play, but when he does it is because we need a space eater.  

StPats93:: WIM thanks

Rage Dave:: I just like the idea of Smith having fast guys to pitch the ball to

Brad Burgess:: What's up with Alexander's hip injury?

Mizzouman:: its just going to be interesting to see who takes the 2nd ship....

WildIrishMizzou:: Our undersized guys are pretty quick, but are they quick enough?? They seem to have their way in one-on-one drills.  Game action Thursday should help that sequence clear up some.

Brad Burgess:: MM, do you agree that Fergy won't be back, btw?

JoCoTiger:: What about that 3rd, maybe, Ferg scholie possiblity?

MUMAN01:: was Fergy ever here

WildIrishMizzou:: Pitch.. Yes we can.  Brad and Chase look very comfortable pitching the option.

Brad Burgess:: I think he was technically here...

drecar:: WIM do you agree with Pinkel that this is his fastest team at MU/

MUMAN01:: what a wasted class

Brad Burgess:: Won't Fergy be a sophomore next season?

Rage Dave:: How does Chase look keeping the ball--see Chase may be the Alex Smith of the offense in the future

WildIrishMizzou:: Coleman is really the only one struggling with the option, and he is struggling only because he has tried to force a couple to make plays.

drecar:: Ahh!  Mumano with his daily cheer~

MUMAN01:: I'm excited about Patton

Brad Burgess:: MUMAN, I am too.

StPats93:: MUMAn - patton is the one i hear the young receivers rave about

MUMAN01:: can we get both Chase's on the field

WildIrishMizzou:: The thing I like about Chase and Brandon with the pitch, is after the first wave, they check to see if the pitch man is stil with them, Brad tends to tuck it and run.

Brad Burgess:: I think Patton has the stuff to play some this season and effectively back up Smith

StPats93:: to the point that they can not wait until he is starting QB

StPats93:: as for lost recruiting classes - there are so few in basketball

Brad Burgess:: MUMAN...I don't see how it could happen.

StPats93:: that bad things happen here and there

MUMAN01:: I really want to see Brad go out on a high note

trwyatt:: When will the new Inside Mizzou mag mail out?

WildIrishMizzou:: So, you told them about Alexander's hip problem?

MUMAN01:: The kid saved the program from going completely into the toilet

drecar:: Send him some Jamaican~

Brad Burgess:: TR...should be any day...I'm waiting on mine too!

StPats93:: alexander's hip problem - what is it?

Brad Burgess:: We need to break some news in's a tradition.

MUMAN01:: Don't we have two ex-players serving time that know where to get him that jamaican

drecar:: What is Inside Mizzou Mag

drecar:: Nah that was Bocomo weed

WildIrishMizzou:: Yes Dre, I do think this is his fastest team.   Even the o-line is very ahtletic.

drecar:: How does Saunders look

StPats93:: full contact thursday?

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MUMAN01:: I'm not worried about athletes, I want FOOTBALL PLAYERS

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Brad Burgess:: Basically, Van has been having chronic hip soreness

StPats93:: and any news on Dirk?

nohawks:: nohawks son

drecar:: Bad dinner nohawks?

Brad Burgess:: Hi nohawks son!

Mizzouman:: fergy will not be back

nohawks:: hey

StPats93:: Brad, that sounds bad - didn't Bo Jackson have that issue?

Mizzouman:: i don't believe he was in kc either

Brad Burgess:: What will it take for Isaac to come to Mizzou?

Rage Dave:: Bo had a degenerative hip

Mizzouman:: ku not offering

afb346:: i saw him in KC

WildIrishMizzou:: I talked with Van after the first day in pads, and he said he had (an undisclosed) hip problem that was preventing him from running full out.  Still had 4.6 wo this winter, but it is still nagging him.

MUMAN01:: Is there a stud JUCO left that can come in and help next year

Brad Burgess:: We need to get Miles sewn up before that happens then!

nohawks:: issac told me ku is starting to talk to him a littile

afb346:: If you were still talking bout ferg

drecar:: Give him money NHSon

Brad Burgess:: MUMAN...not that I am aware of.

nohawks:: but he said that quin is doing a good job recruting him

MUMAN01:: we need a scorer bad

drecar:: Stud what mano

drecar:: Smith

MUMAN01:: a guy to fill up the basket

nohawks:: right mony he asks me for mony every day

Brad Burgess:: Mizzou is the place for Miles...he can contribute in the back court right away.

StPats93:: and here i thought we needed a goaltender

nohawks:: thank god for spring break

drecar:: keep it coming

MUMAN01:: we need a coach

Brad Burgess:: If anybody sees the money changing hands, just make sure you are wearing your Bill Self mask.

StPats93:: drecar how big is this kid in pads?

WildIrishMizzou:: Who is the juco center out of Texas MM?

StPats93:: can he do the kick save?

drecar:: What kid

drecar:: I'm lost here. 

StPats93:: the goaltender MUMAN is talking about

nohawks:: he quit football this year but last year he was a stud

Brad Burgess:: mean you saw Ferg at the Tournament our out socially?

trwyatt:: Inside Mizzou is the TSF magazine .

nohawks:: he also plays baseball

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drecar:: You mean the flying ardvark?

MUMAN01:: stop pats are u having Blues withdrawal

afb346:: I saw him at kemper

afb346:: he wasnt with the team

StPats93:: yes, tha aardvark

Brad Burgess:: Hi Rocky.

afb346:: in streat clothes as I was going to get a beer

StPats93:: lots o freach with the nose

Rocky59:: Hi all!

StPats93:: scores like a Globetrotter

drecar:: Dats him

StPats93:: Dunks the three.........

StPats93:: hi Rocky

MUMAN01:: Quin finally beat Bill Self.  Do we dare dream that he might beat Rick Barnes next year

Brad Burgess:: Hey, TR...guess what?  Starting this fall, Inside Mizzou Magazine won't be the TSF magazine!  We rubbed Pinkel the wrong way and were eliminated...just like Corby Jones on the post game shows.

Rocky59:: Hi St. Pats

StPats93:: burgess  -are you serious?

Brad Burgess:: MUMAN...Texas is only going to get better.

MUMAN01:: I know

Brad Burgess:: StPats...I am VERY serious.

MUMAN01:: But will Quin

drecar:: How did you guys like the Nebraska frosh's tatoo.  Walker is truly going where he will be appreciated for his academics.  The NU kid's tatoo reads, "Cant be Stop"

nohawks:: dominic johnson who was his team mate at the time until he transfered from Miege wanted to go to mizzou

Rage Dave:: What did you do Brad?

Rocky59:: What didn't he like?

Brad Burgess:: One of Rocky's posts of the month about the defense...!

StPats93:: Brad, did you rub his hair the wrong way and make him hiss?

WildIrishMizzou:: SMith rumbling from Moberly continue to grow stronger..  

WildIrishMizzou:: BRAD have you heard about a TE JC center we are looking at?

StPats93:: well, i guess it's the Pinkel scholarship fund

MUMAN01:: GP really needs to be more accomodating this year

afb346:: must have payed by the letter

Brad Burgess:: And the cover headline pulled from Pinkel's own quote following the Arkansas Bowl game...

MUMAN01:: or win big

StPats93:: wow

StPats93:: Pinkel wants to edit the magazine, too

StPats93:: oh well

Brad Burgess::

MUMAN01:: he should worry about editing our special teams

drecar:: Fire all the sons of bitches! 

Brad Burgess:: No more magazine at all for the TSF donors...

MUMAN01:: and play calling

afb346:: lol

Brad Burgess:: The funny thing is that Quin loves us.

WildIrishMizzou:: seems I'll have to dig a little deeper on that

StPats93:: so Brad -what does that do to your economics?

JoCoTiger:: Wow, BB told too much truth.

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drecar:: Hey Mano the softball team is doing great don't give up hope

Brad Burgess:: I'll sell subscriptions directly to the TSF folks.

MUMAN01:: at least one team will have a good season

Brad Burgess:: Hi Bocomo

afb346:: 25th in the nation

WildIrishMizzou:: SOOOO, That's why Chad is so warm and loving!    Riggghhhhtttt!

StPats93:: well, that will likely work

Bocomo:: Evening folks

MUMAN01:: When will MU finally win a Big12 conference title

Brad Burgess:: I hope so...we changed a 4x a year mag to a 10x a year mag and kicked up the content a lot.

WildIrishMizzou:: Baseball, 2021

nohawks:: next year

Bocomo:: Softball 2005

drecar:: When Rocky is in charge!

Rage Dave:: Why ask that question Mumano?

StPats93:: MUMAN01 some tmie after you quit watching, again

Brad Burgess:: what sport?

StPats93:: maybe when the Aardvark spins the ball on its nose and dunks a tre

Rocky59:: What??????

MUMAN01:: because we are 10 years into this conference and haven't won a title in any sport yet

Bocomo:: trwyatt in the house!!

WildIrishMizzou:: OR FOOTBALL, 2005

trwyatt:: yes

Rage Dave:: How we would we know the answer to that Mumano?

MUMAN01:: works for me WIM

Brad Burgess:: Bocomo, are you acquainted with trwyatt?

drecar:: Yes but we graduate our players      well some of them

StPats93:: I second drecar's vote for Rocky to be athletic director

MUMAN01:: asking for a guess drew

Bocomo:: Yes, but don't tell anybody

nohawks:: ok well I will see you guys later

Brad Burgess::

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WildIrishMizzou:: Any last questions before I have to go?

Brad Burgess:: I'd vote for Rocky as well!

trwyatt:: screw yuo bb

drecar:: He has the Take no prisoner approach.  That is what we need

JoCoTiger:: Franklin impressions WIM?

Rage Dave:: WIM: what about Moore, is he moving to CB?

nohawks:: I will try to get more info out of Issac

StPats93:: WIM - handicap our defense and offense compared to last year's

MUMAN01:: hey drew, how's the campaign to change KFNS going?

drecar:: He does a great one!  He drops the ball

WildIrishMizzou:: Too many drops, but he will be a good one.  Too big of a playmaker to sit alot.

Rocky59:: I might as well be.  I've already fired everybody. BUT, I just hired Quin back.

Brad Burgess:: nohawks...that would be cool...also, does he have any photos of himself playing hoops that he could e-mail my direction?

drecar:: Well I had a great talk with the General Manager and he said he would shut Slaten up if Brad shut you up!

StPats93:: Rocky's a "recruiting machine"

nohawks:: I thinks so I have to talk to him about it

drecar:: Nothing but Tequila at the games

MUMAN01:: Brad loves my contributions to the boards

Brad Burgess:: My e-mail is:

MUMAN01:: I liven up dull times

WildIrishMizzou:: Offense - +5  (I think the staff finally gets it)  Defense - -2  Until a LB steps up,  or the JUCO D-lineman arrive, we have to big of a hole up the middle.

nohawks:: I f he has any or corse

drecar:: So do I

Brad Burgess:: da man!

StPats93:: WIM - thank you

MUMAN01:: TY Mr Burgess

StPats93:: Rocky - tequila, but NO TORTILLAS

drecar:: Careful mano Brad feels the same way about Siberian

nohawks:: Ok I will talk to him

MUMAN01:: Will we win a Bragging rights game before my 8 year old graduates from MU

Brad Burgess:: son of nohawks...thanks, and if not him, if there is a yearbook person who does, that would work too.

Bocomo:: good signs from Eddie Smith, I know it has been discussed, just catching up

StPats93:: is Siberian some hormonal professor, or what?

nohawks:: but you would hafe to wait a week since it is springbreak

Rocky59:: You're right about nNO tortillas!

drecar:: Or refried beans my god can you imagine a stadium full of refried beans!

Brad Burgess:: Astronomy professor

MUMAN01:: is he really?

trwyatt:: What's everyone's opinion on Brandon Rush is he worth taking if available?

Rocky59:: The "GREEN FOG"!

StPats93:: what a whiner

Brad Burgess:: "I'd say you all have had enough beans..."

StPats93:: GREEN FOG is a winner

drecar:: Yep and he claims he is good friends with Spock

nohawks:: bye guys see you later

Bocomo:: later nohawks

WildIrishMizzou:: Night guys

drecar:: Make that the brown fog!

Bocomo:: later WIM

nohawks:: I will get back to you on miles burgess

StPats93:: well, there is so much wrapped up in what a coach makes

Rage Dave:: I've got to run as well

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StPats93:: from that astronomy professor

nohawks left

Rage Dave left

Brad Burgess:: That's pretty much common knowledge on Bengal

drecar:: He evidently has studied a lot of anatomy.  Sure does know a lot about the rectum

Brad Burgess:: He's actually a very erudite fellow.

StPats93:: book smart

drecar:: Did anyone see Deadwood last night

StPats93:: i left academia to get away from those nutz

Brad Burgess:: Or Carnivale!!!!

drecar:: I mean besides you Rocky

afb346:: I was watching tilt

drecar:: Ha ha ha

Brad Burgess:: Carnivale is the bomb!

MUMAN01:: Houston, Davidson, K-State once and Arkansas

StPats93:: Bengal studied the rectum, drecar? with a telescope? ACK!

afb346:: a great show... would have been better on HBO though

MUMAN01:: win those and your dancing

drecar:: Damn i missed tilt but  I laughed so hard during deadwood I refried my underwear

trwyatt:: how many times did they say cocksucker dre?

Rocky59:: Damn, I knew I missed something last night.  DEADWOOD?

drecar:: Calamity Jane said it about 50 times in two sentecnes

afb346:: I never got into deadwood... evidently im missing out.

Brad Burgess:: Well, let's take a look at the old "cocksuchah" meter and see.

Brad Burgess:: afb...I like Deadwood, but I love Carnivale

MUMAN01:: goodnight all

Brad Burgess:: Bye MUM

Brad Burgess:: AN

drecar:: Cocksuckah was all over the block last night in some of the most hilarious ways

MUMAN01 left

Brad Burgess:: So much for our PG rating in this chat!

afb346: the kid in carnivale that was in the "Man without a face" creeps me out

StPats93: PG  = pretty graphic

Bocomo:: Thankfully my daughter went to take her bath!

StPats93:: so we're in the ballpark

Rocky59:: The refs in the Oklahoma game during the first haolf must have broken the "cocksukuh"meter.

drecar:: Deadwood is the bomb and the funny thing is it is most true.  There really was a nasty Al Swearingen in Deadwood

Bocomo:: trying to figure out how I know you guys????

Brad Burgess:: afb...the whole thing creeps me out!

drecar:: at least with Quin

afb346:: damn carnies...

Rocky59:: Mrs Rocky left the room for the afternoon.

trwyatt:: BoCo make sure she doesn't pull any muscles drying off

Brad Burgess:: Bocomo...true.

Bocomo:: Rocky-he was probably saying some cocksukuh with us hitting free throws, too

drecar::  a very smart woman

Brad Burgess:: Has anybody ever seen a guard who shoots worse looking free throws than Jason Horton?

afb346:: I thought we got jobbed on those technicals

Rocky59:: Man, those free throws were something else.

StPats93:: not a guard

StPats93:: only Shaq

Bocomo:: well not counting Pulley

drecar:: Darius Washington

afb346:: poor kid...

Brad Burgess:: DW...80.1% on the season from the line

Bocomo:: sorry for the mention

trwyatt:: yes Randy Pulley

drecar:: not when it mattered

Brad Burgess:: I had forgotten about Pulley...

Brad Burgess:: dre...without him, they don't get in that position though.

afb346:: so what is the deal with horton.... now that we are looking juco for a point

Rocky59:: Did you guys read Downtown's post this evening?

drecar:: to what, lose"

Brad Burgess:: I don't think anybody knows for sure...better to not take anything for granted.

drecar:: Nope what did it say

Brad Burgess:: Which one on Downtown.

Brad Burgess:: ?

Rocky59:: He was rattling off a bunch of names of FB players who were doing well.

StPats93:: Downtown's optimistic report from practice spies (aka coaching staff?)

Brad Burgess:: Downtown is our resident Rona Barrett!

Rocky59:: Christiensen

Brad Burgess:: yep

StPats93:: ah Christensen

drecar:: DC via CG

Brad Burgess:: Or sometimes directly!

drecar: directly through George

Rocky59: CG loves retirement!

StPats93:: well, it's good to hear

StPats93:: interesting names pop up

drecar:: He should, if you can do it and Downtown can do it CG can do it

Brad Burgess:: If we're serious about throwing to our backs, I think that plays into Jimmy Jackson's hands.

drecar:: Of course Downtown retired and had to give up vacation time

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Brad Burgess:: Downtown...charter member of the cruise of the month club.

Brad Burgess:: Hi RK

RagingKeeger:: howdy kids.

Brad Burgess:: RK...what is your opinion of Clemson these days?

drecar:: I'll see upi guys later my refried beans are ready

StPats93:: drecar - no tortillas

StPats93:: have a nice one all

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drecar:: I take them straight!

Rocky59:: Later

RagingKeeger:: peace!

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RagingKeeger:: i'll say this

Rocky59 left

Mizzouman:: what will u say?

RagingKeeger:: terps didnt do what they needed to do to get in

RagingKeeger:: but i think their resume is better than some of these mid majors

Brad Burgess:: True

RagingKeeger:: specifically northern iowa and UAB

Brad Burgess:: Clemson is waiting in the second round of NIT in our bracket.

afb346:: I think its funny that people are complaining about Notre Dame... if they got in we should have too

JoCoTiger:: See you all later. I'm headed to the Redneck Vegas for an NAIA champ game.

Brad Burgess:: Notre Dame has their own rules.

JoCoTiger left

Tigercrow left

Brad Burgess:: See you later, JoCo.

RagingKeeger:: how is clemson a bad loss for the terps.....while northern iowa lost to bradley and drake?

RagingKeeger:: ah well

RagingKeeger:: this is not the place to bitch about it, what's done is done

Brad Burgess:: Clemson isn't a bad loss.

Brad Burgess:: It's just that it was a sweep.

Brad Burgess:: Clemson = our KSU

afb346:: so how do we match up against DePaul.... looks like a tough NIT draw

Bocomo:: just what I was thinking BB

Brad Burgess:: DePaul = Arkansas

RagingKeeger:: yeah, and a bad sweep, too.  the effort (our lack there of) was inexcusable.

afb346:: atleast I think out

Brad Burgess:: Do you like NCM as a player?

RagingKeeger:: depends.  I love Sweet Nik.  I hate Evil Nik.

Brad Burgess:: DePaul is an up and down the court team.

RagingKeeger:: He's like Linas in that regard

RagingKeeger:: or Rickey Paulding

Brad Burgess:: yes he is.

afb346:: Ive been very critical of Linas but he has finally figured it out

RagingKeeger:: anyway, how does attendance look for tomorrow, you guys think?

Brad Burgess:: I follow NCM since we recruited him way back when.

RagingKeeger:: ah, gotcha

Brad Burgess:: With or without student?

Brad Burgess:: students...

Bocomo:: historically we don't draw well for the NIT, I doubt it is any better this year

Brad Burgess:: I will guess 11,500

afb346:: My buddy and I are going

afb346:: although I wish we could get club level

Brad Burgess:: Should be a very entertaining game.

Bocomo:: dang I was going to guess 7500..............

Brad Burgess:: DePaul is sloppy...lots of turnovers.

Brad Burgess::'re closer to it than I may be right.

afb346:: Well I think we have the edge becuase they feel snubbed and we are at home

Bocomo:: tailgating prior to the game??  Have before all of 'em so far.........

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