Last Tigers practice before spring break

The Tigers held their final scrimmage before Spring Break yesterday and the offense showed off a little bit. In addition, there is a new defensive lineman in camp. Read on intrepid Missouri fans...!

Today was the last practice before spring break.  According to Pinkel the team will lift on Monday afternoon before heading out for the break.  The next practice is scheduled for Tuesday the 29th.


The big news of the day was injury-related.  RB Marcus Woods will likely miss most if not all of the remaining spring practices with a slight TEAR of the LCL (no, not an MCL, or ACL) in the knee.  He was wearing a knee brace today, and was walking with a noticeable limp.  The injury happened at the very end of practice Tuesday and was thought by all to be minor at best.  I ASSUME he has had some swelling a) just from his limp, and b) because he continued to ice it on the sidelines today.

The other injury news is minor.  WR Franklin did not participate today, or Tuesday, because of a cut sustained on his face (lip, or jaw) that required a few stitches.  He should be back good to go at the next practice.


PADLESS:  Also not dressed today was a #96.  His reasoning was a bit different.   The NCAA requires you to practice twice in shorts and shirts before donning the pads, and he hadn't completed the requirement.  In case you aren't following along, we have an addition to the defensive line.  Apparently he is a walk-on (It was suggested he played at Hickman previously), but I wasn't able to get a name.  Decent size, nice mobility, and strength looked okay (as in needed some improvement but not a ton).  Needs to get himself into shape.  More as it becomes available.


SHOTGUN:  Today was the first and last scrimmage of the spring, and the Tigers worked exclusively out of the shotgun.  Is this a sign of things to come?  I doubt it, as Pinkel has shown that he likes to work A LOT on things in the spring, and even in the fall, that are additions to the base package.  Will we see the shotgun in the fall?  You bet.  Is it likely to be 100% of the time.  My money says highly unlikely.


ATOP THE TEMPLE:   Two running backs had pretty good days.  One was Tony Temple, who showed he could zig and zag with the best of them once he got to the open field.  Temple scored from about 45 yards out on an option, however they only gave him 12 yards, as they say he went out of bounds (I'll need the replay).   It was the 1st team Offense's first drive of the scrimmage.  The other back to show up was Kevin Duncan.  The RSFR has had trouble showcasing his talent this spring, but had a pretty good day running the ball, albeit against the third or fourth team defense.  While it won't bring him up the depth, Pinkel was pleased. 


KICK ME:  What a nice day weather wise in mid-Missouri.  60 with sunshine, and a little bit of a breeze, 12-16 mph out of the south 


KICK ME:  Please, somebody kick me.  That was the pigskin screaming today, as the only player who had a decent day kicking was Adam Crossett.  HE continues to kick, place-kick, and punt, and quite honestly if he goes down we are in serious trouble.  Let's hope young Mr. Casaday can bring immediate relief to a tenuous at best kicking situation.


HUMP THIS:  Jerrill Humphrey had a pretty good day receiving.  The only receiver who garnered as much spotlight?  Will Franklin.  They LOOK to be becoming the monsters we thought they could be, Jerrill is still a step or two behind Will, but he LOOKS to be coming.


PATTON IT:  He made a couple of mistakes, whiffed on his first attempt for a fumble, and threw into a LB's zone coverage on a deep crossing route, but he made a serious bid today my friends.  Coleman and Patton are tied at 2 in my book, and honestly the only reason Brandon is tied with him, is because I have yet to see Patton show me everything in the play book (READ: experience).


#1 versus #2:  #1 Offense killed the #2 defense.  Pretty much did what they wanted with them.  The lack of depth in the line, really shows.


Practice Play Sequence:


1.  Smith incomplete, drop by Rucker

2.  Shovel pass Temple  8 yards

3.  Smith scrambled - loss 1

4. Option to Temple - gain of 10-20

5. Smith to Will Franklin WR Screen 35ish



2nd Team

1.      Coleman sacked - loss 9 (Xzavie Jackson)

2.      Coleman - inc DQ over head

3.      Coleman - QB Draw  gain 2 (Stephens)


1.      Coleman to Hoskins WR Screen gain 1  (Simpson)

2.      Coleman on option  -gain 3  (Simpson & Stephens)

3.      Coleman throws away OB


1.      Coleman inc - overthrown

2.      Coleman - Hoskins sideline gain 7 (Ming and Harrington)

3.      Coleman - Scrambles - threw away


1.      Coleman to Crosby -gain 2 -underneath route

2.      Patton whiffs (fumble)  recovered by Steven Blair  (loss of 7)

3.      Patton to Saunders called back (illegal motion 3rd..)

4.      Patton - roll left - deflected by Josh Barbo

5.      Patton - 35-yard seam route over the head of Barmann


Patton - option left to Goldsmith 8 yards

Patton to Goldsmith right flat  6 yards (+ 5-yard facemask penalty)

Patton option keeper left  - gain of 6

Patton to Humphrey crossing pattern 14-yards

Patton overthrows Saunders (Tommy had just come out of his cut and didn't have time to jump)

Patton to Goldmsith 5-yards

Patton option keeper left side 3-yards (Chase probably would have scored on this if they would have had to tackle)


1.      Coleman  option - pitches behind Hoskins out of bounds - loss of 7

2.      Coleman to DQ or Crosby - gain 5

3.      Coleman inc to Jackson in the flat off of JJ's fingertips


Coleman to Hoskins on shovel pass - no gain (Stephens)

Coleman pitch to Jackson - loss of 2  (Smith, Massey, Simpson)

Patton dropped by Arnold Britt on 35-yard sideline pass (beautifully looked off, and then thrown down the sideline).

Patton - Crosby drops ball (Ming had good coverage- should have been caught)

Patton scrambled up middle gain 1

Patton roll left - overthrew Ek on sideline (he was trying to throw it away)

Patton - sacked by a blitzing LB Xzavie Jackson  (patton had no time whatsoever to avoid Jackson who wasn't picked up straight up the middle)


Patton threw a bad ball (should have been int by #25 hit him in the hands head high He didn't see the LB on the crossing pattern)

Patton dive to Duncan over the center 12-yards

Patton (blitz) to Brian Barmann, wr screen, drilled by Dominique Johnson, loss 2

Patton pressured by Calcius Williams overthrows Saunders

Patton to Barmann on blitz down seam 19yards

Coleman option keeper - 5 yards (might have scored in a game)

Coleman crossbuck to Ruth and he is drilled by DeMarcus Scott, loss of 3

Coleman on the run overthrows Barmann, inc

Coleman hits Humphrey  5-yard gain


Coleman to Ruth FUMBLE on exchange (Blair recovered)

Smith scramble for 7-yard gain (ran out of bounds because of touch rule)

Smith to Coffey  for 7-yard gain

Smith options to Temple for 17

Smith option keeper - loss of 1 (Richards, Bacon, and #31)

Smith to Temple in flat - gain of 2

Smith tipped at line, iffy sacked (Sack by Sulack, tipped by #60) loss of 10

Smith to EK, gain of 8


Smith option to Franklin, gain of 7

Temple on dive, gain of 13

Smith inc to Rucker inc, knocked away by Richard


Patton FUMBLED handoff to Ruth, picked up by DeMarcus Scott returned 25 yards.


Patton to Duncan in the flat, gain of 8, stopped by #4

Duncan dive right side, gain of 18

Patton inc to Duncan in left flat, off fingertips

Patton inc to Barmann in the end zone (Brian gave up on this pass

Patton to #10, gain of 18





HAPPY WITH THE #1 OFFENSE:  Well yea, I mean you know what we did is just come out and run ten plays, and that stopped some drives.  Just got a long way to go.  I thnk there were some good things that were done.  Just like any scrimmage there's some positives and some negatives.  We're doing some new things on offense, so were able to make a little bit of progress with it.  Our #1 defense played pretty good which is always encouraging.  We just got a lot of young players that gotta learn, and they gotta learn quick, and that is what is kind of nice here.  You go hard for five days, then the thing we've found the last few years, is you come in here, and then you get a quick scrimmage, little bit of evaluation, we will grade this film and everything else, and then you come back and are  refreshed a little bit for the finish, and hopefully we can make a lot of strides when we come back


WOODS SITUATION:  Strained LCL.  He's expected to be out of commission for about three weeks.  He won't require surgery -  Lateral Collateral Ligament.  That's the good news, is that he won't need surgery.  He's going to keep it stationary for 10 days.  When he gets back he'll starty doing some excercises.


OPPORTUNITY:  The taliback position because of the hits they take you better have four guys that can play.  Because exactly what happened, we'd have been mid-season, and all of a sudden your out with your number one guy, and your other guys have to come in an play.  Good experience for those guys.   Reality of what its like in the season. 


Overall the spring has been a healthy one for the Tigers.


DUNCAN:  Yea he did a good job didn't he, he really did.  He's a scrappy guy, he's got a great second effort, and he did some real good things.


HUMP:  He made some plays.  He's struggled in practice the last couple days,  To see him go out and make some plays was pretty exciting to see that.  He's a big athlete, and uh, the redshirt freshman this is the first time they've done anything since last August.  You know those guys have been in no real game-like conditions since August 25th (or 28th), so those guys sometimes you saw that today and there was a lot of thinking going on out there.  to get those things down the mental side of it down so that you can react and not think. 


SPEED:  Hopefully we are always gong to have speed so it is just not for this year.  We just wanted to try some different things.  A lot of it's the same, alot of it is different.  We just made some changes that were necassary to be a little bit more of an attacking offense.


QB ON THE MOVE:  Oh yeah, we are moving them around a little bit more, no question.


WILL MOORE:   He's about 210 pounds, and he's a phenomenal athlete.  Sent a group through sprints, and then a forward roll, into chopping their feet.  He came full speed, did a front aerial, and started chopping his feet.  Not too many guys can do something like that.  I guess what I am trying to say is that he has extraordinary athletic ability.  I mean extraordinary athletic ability.  I wouldn't say it is good, I'd say it is extraordinary.  Now what is he going to do with it?   He's working hard, and he's trying to do the right things, but the potential is unlimited.  There are millions of people out there with potential who won't accomplish what they are capable of doing.  Based on what we have seen from Moore so far in spring ball, combined with what he did in high school, we think Moore is going to be VERY good.





ON PLAYING TODAY:  I feel good.  Kind of good to get out there and kind of see it in full-motion.  Get some good competition like we have been just to see how it all jells. 

On the #1 defense:  They look great,  The look solid. They really fly to the ball.  That's one thiong that I am really noticing, a lot of speed, and we have to match their speed right now. 


HE'S FAST, DOES HE FEEL THAT SPEED ON THE FIELD:  Somewhat.  I feel a litle bit faster than what I have been playing in the past.  Really when you get there the adrelanine is rushing so much you just go as fast as you can.


IMPROVE IN THE SPRING:  Trying to learn the offense.Really trying to learn the offense, and I still have a lot to learn.   I got older guys like Coffey, Arnold Britt, and Crosby around me,  I'm still just trying to soak things up and learn how to play the college football game.




LAST YEAR vs. THIS YEAR:  This time last year I was getting my mind set on coming down here for the summer, and get into the two-a-days, coming down here to comepte.  This year is like I know a lot, just go out there and play my game, and everything will just come easy.


WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON NOW?:  Biggest thing is the blocking, you know blocking a linebacker is not like blocking a corner, so that's the biggest (adjustment).


HOW'S THE SWITCH COMING:  I'm very comfortable.  I just moved over from the X to the A.  Now I go over the middle more.  No running the deep routes without having a safety or linebacker with me. 


FIRST TIME ON FAUROT:  I had the buterflies for about thirty minutes.  Butterflies came back when I got out here (playing) and caught my first pass.  It was crazy, probably the best times I've had since high school. 




HOW DID THE SCRIMMAGE FEEL?:  Felt good, first day we can get tackled so the defense can't use the excuse with the tag so it was pretty esciting.  I new everybdy was excited to go.  Offesne wmoved the ball pretty good today, and that was a good thing.  We got a touchdown out of the first drive, and the second drive we were moving towards a touchdown until they stopped it.  That's all you can ask for is just ball movement. We were moving the ball pretty good today, nut we still have a lot of things to work on.


NEW SIGNALS CAUSE PROBLEMS?: Not really it's just a learning process.  We've changed the whole way we recieve plays, instead of getting them from Brad we got our own responsibility, not just listen, look and translate, and communicate with others.  It's hard to get plays, especially when guys begin to get tired, so we just gotta work and learn to communicate and depend on each other, so everybody will be on the same page.    That's one thing that even if your not in, coach is stressing to watch the signal's and run them through your head, and that's (work) on the mental standpoint, along with the physical.

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