Spring Practices Resume

The Tigers returned to practice after Spring Break and picked up right where they left off. There was aggressive hitting and some highlight reel catches to report.

Thursday Practice

62 and Cloudy

Light North Wind

Faurot Field

Full gear, High Thud

3 NOTABLE OBSERVERS: Roaming the sidelines today were three stud defensive players. One going, one coming, and another possibly coming soon? One was CJ Mosely, the other was safety Darnell Terrell, and the final player was Adrian Clayborn. The big defender from Webster Groves was on the sidelines sporting a black and gold windbreaker with familiar writing on the back ;)

Speaking of Webster Groves, coaches from the St. Louis school were on hand today as well. Also, an unknown prospect was hanging with DT all afternoon. Not sure who he was.

DT NAMED: Staying on the subject of defensive tackles, the unknown #96 from last week is former Hickman Kewpie Marvin Williams. I think it is way to early to tell if he can help (Gabe DeArmond doesn't think so, but Russ Bauer thinks he can). He has good movement, strength and speed are still a question mark. I'll be curious to see him this fall.

56 ROCK: Mowing 'em down today on the defensive side of the ball was none other than Emmit Morris. He had several eye-catching plays including two of the three top hits. On one, he forced a fumble (after a catch), later broke up a certain catch on a bang-bang play, and the nailed Andrew Hoskins. He also intercepted Brandon Coleman.

HIT OF THE DAY: Jason Simpson where fore art thou? All Missouri opponents' wide receivers will ask that question prior to running routes in the middle of the field. Simply put, he is Missouri's best player on defense right now. Today he leveled Sean Coffey just as he was making a catch on a 17-yard crossing pattern. The force of the collision sent Coffey flying into a forward roll. To Sean's credit, he kept control of the ball.

COACH'S RECEIVER: The more you see walk-on Tommy Saunders in action, the more you think if one of the big three falters he could see playing time this fall. As a coach Andy Hill has to love what he has in Saunders. Nice routes, GREAT HANDS, nice instincts, etc. The guy has the best mechanical form for catching the ball on the team. Period.

LUKE STAIR-WALKER: That would be Marcus Woods. He has been relegated to light work, and today he spent a lot of the stretching part of the practice walking the stairs at Faurot.

WOUNDED, BUT NOT FORGOTTEN: Red-shirts were at a minimum today. Woods was joined by Tyler Luellen, and Zach Kauflin in red jerseys.

HARD ENOUGH: The answer to the question how hard does Chase Patton throw. Today, Arnold Britt came out of a 12-yard buttonhook route with no time to get his hands up. The ball was in his chest, and bounced 15 feet in the air 15 yards back past the line of scrimmage. Receivers simply have to be ready to catch the ball when Patton is on the field. He gets it off so quickly that there is very little time prepare for the catch once it has left his hand.

BE-TEMPLED: Coach Pinkel, watching the defense at the 45 yard line, almost got creamed by Tony Temple on a long pass route coming from the other end of the field. Tony had just enough time to graze coach as he went flying by.

CATCH OF THE DAY: It's a tie between Coffey's grab described above, and a beautiful one-handed stab by Martin Rucker as he fell to the ground on a 20-25 yard pass over the middle.

THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO, HMMMM?: How long will Arnold Britt be a receiver? How long will Brain Barmann be a tight end?

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