Low thud practice report

Missouri continues to mix and match to find the right combinations on offense and defense.

SPR(A)INg BREAK – As practice began Chad Moeller, MU Media God, gave out the bad news. Red-shirt Freshman LB Van Alexander had a Lisfranc Sprain of his left ankle. The sprain requires surgery, performed today, in order to heal. Oddly, after practice Coach Pinkel referred to the injury as a break. Whichever, the surgery required a screw insert, and has finished Alexander for the rest of the spring.

RED ROVER, RED ROVER, SEND A WIDE RECEIVER RIGHT OVER: As in over from the kicking corps. Walk-on Scott Russell has been asked to pull double duty for the rest of the spring as a kicker, and a 3rd-string wide-out. The move isn't anything new to Russell who played WR at Columbia Rock Bridge with none other than MU QB Chase Patton.

RED ROVER II: Let's count the red jerseys at WR for MU. First there is Sean Coffey with a separated shoulder, next comes Will Franklin, and now Andrew Hoskins with a sprained knee.

REVOLVING SHIRTS: Domonique Johnson started practice with a red jersey, but took it off after stretching out. Marcus Woods practiced with the team today, but was still wearing a red. According to Pinkel it was a half red early, and then he put the full red on as when they started making contact. (Luellen and Kauflin are still sporting red as well).

WHO IS THE SHORT GUY?: I still don't know but hopefully by Saturday's scrimmage I'll have a name to attach to the diminutive walk-on corner that has arrived at MU practices.

FB LEAD: John Ruth continues to lock down that job, and the former Jeff City Jay looks more comfortable each day. Several others are being looked at as possible back-ups including Marvin Williams, and Eric Griffin.

LINE DEPTH: While I'm still not sold on the line depth for next season (a lot could happen between now and fall to make it appreciably better) it appears the youngsters are growing. In today's one-on-one line drills it was very hard to tell the 2's from the 3's. Now if we could just close that gap from the 1's to the 2's.

CLIMBING A HILL(e): Walk-on Andy Hille continues to impress. The 6-0, 295 RSFr has changed positions and is now a guard after starting the spring at center. Hille, who has an odd-looking almost beer-bellyish type physique (which is slowly disappearing I might add), sat down on George Lane twice in 1-on-1 drills today.

HIT OF THE DAY: Kind of hard to have a hit-of-the-day when it is a low-thud day, but the collision between David Overstreet and Brad Ekwerekwu on a deep sideline route was definately tops of the day. Eck made a sideline catch, and as he stumbled out of bounds, was met by the over coverage (Overstreet). The hit spun him around and sent him dangerously face first into the padded wall.

CATCH OF THE DAY: Ek, as described above. He went up high, and caught the ball after it was passed his body, on a deep (35-yard) out route from Brad.

D WANTS THE BLACK BACK: The MU Defense, which started the spring in black jerseys showed today they aim to get them back come Saturday. Other than that completion above, and a few minimal Brad scrambles the number one defense stuffed the number one offense today. Calvin Washington reigned in an interception off the hands of Jerrill Humphrey (behind him).

CHASED OUT: Chase Patton had a particularly rough outing today. He was all over with his passes, missing four in a row in his second rotation, going low to Arnold Britt, high to Bracey on a swing (touch) pass, low to Rucker on a hook, and then getting picked by Childress on a seam route.

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